Upcycle a gift box into a cute jewellery box

Let me share two projects that I hope will inspire you to upcycle your favourite gift boxes into something new.

Around Christmas time, we can end up with lots of excess packaging from gifts and gift sets. Yes, I am also guilty of hanging onto a pretty gift box in the hope of reusing it.

I painted the outside of m jewellery box in white chalk paint and gave it two coats. Once my paint was fully dry, I cut out and applied the furniture transfers to the surface.

I had these furniture decals leftover. They are more suited for applying to wood and stiffer surfaces, but I did manage to get them to stick to the painted cardboard.

I used my glue gun to apply the knobs to the drawers. I feel like these vintage style handles make it look less like an upcycled cardboard box and more like it was always a jewellery box.

To give it some height, I glued four small wooden knobs to the four corners of the base of the box.

Whether you have a pretty gift box that you can’t part with, or you want to have a shot at upcycling a gift box, I hope this post has given you some inspiration.