Home Office / Craft Room Makeover 2020

I am NOT an office person, however, the sofa laptop sessions are not working anymore. Every time I create a craft room/office space, it ends up becoming a dumping ground for tools. As someone who struggles in Winter, I wanted to create a warm, home office that felt relaxing. I wanted it to feel less like a bedroom and more like a creative space. Editing videos can take a few hours and although I a not a desk person, I do need to get better at sitting at one.
In this week’s YouTube video, I am sharing my home office makeover. I hope you get some inspiration from this week’s video, which I will link pop below.

Home office makeover

Changing the layout

When I originally turned this bedroom into a home office, I had the desk in the middle of the room facing outwards. This was fine for a while, but I quickly outgrew this layout. I moved the desk so that it faced out to the garden, by doing this I created more space in the room. I was able to add two extra pieces of furniture to the room, and it doesn’t feel cramped. If you want to see what the room looked like before, then click this link.

Home office craft room makeover Ikea Alex Storage Home office craft room makeover

Extra storage

I am a creative Jack of all trades. I have power tools, paint brushes, fabric and photography tools. I struggle to work in a cluttered area. I feel overwhelmed and untidy when there is a mess everywhere. I needed to invest in extra storage. I purchased a second Kallax unit and placed it beside my old one. These are deep and great for crafters. I added some doors and drawers to my Kallax configuration. I was able to go through all of my tools and give them a dedicated space. This makes it easier to be creative as I know where everything is, and I am not wasting time searching for supplies.

You may also recognise my Ikea Alex cabinet that I hacked in last week’s YouTube video. I will pop it below. I love the Alex unit. I am using it to store my crafting scissors and paintbrushes.

Adding some colour

I painted the walls in the shade “Aged Vellum” by Colourtrend. I have this green shade in my guest bedroom on the panelling. I love how this colour warms up the room. I had floral Laura Ashley wallpaper in this room, which I decided to keep as it matched the green paper.

Ikea Rug Home office 2020 Ikea Kallax craft storage Home office craft room makeover

I added some texture to the room by changing the rug. I purchased this rug from Ikea. I like the feel of it under my feet when I am working at my desk. I moved my older rug upstairs to my bedroom.

home office makeover 2020

Overall I am so pleased with how my office has turned out. I struggle with the darker evenings in Winter, and I wanted to create a space that was cosy and inviting to work in. I want to break the habit of using my laptop in the living room and keep it a work-free zone. I will keep you posted and let you know how I succeed in my new office space.

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  1. daintydressdiaries
    May 20, 2021 / 10:32 am

    Hi Cathy, that is from Laura Asley, I think they may have closed last year x

  2. Cathy Grandon
    May 20, 2021 / 8:05 am

    What is name of wallpaper used in your home office? Love it!

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