My thrifted kitchen table makeover

My thrifted kitchen table makeover! My kitchen table has taken quite a bashing over the past few years. I originally thrifted this table over five years ago. I purchased my table and four chairs for €50 from A few years ago I painted it cream and gave it a white-wash effect on top. Unfortunately, the paint didn’t wear well and my tabletop had taken a bashing from all my DIY projects. So, I wanted to breathe life back into my table and I decided to strip it back and give it a makeover.

Whitewashed farmhouse kitchen table

Stripping the paint

I used Dulux Satinwood in Antique White to paint my table a few years ago. This paint did not last well compared to other brands I used. It chipped easily within a few months and the colour went yellow over time. I decided to strip off all of the old paint to reveal the wood underneath. I try to avoid harsh chemical paint strippers. I did test out some eco-friendly paint stripper but it went like chewing gum and it was hard to remove. So, I went back to the old trusted method of my heat gun, scraper and sander.

Using a heat gun to strip paint

Using a heat gun to strip paint How to strip paint How to strip paint

Before I got started with my heat gun I made sure to use a protective mask so I wouldn’t breathe in any fumes from the paint. I also had a sharp scraper to hand. Using the heat gun was simple. It is basically like a super hot hairdryer. I followed the instructions that came with my gun. I went around the table section by section and I held the gun on the paint until it started to blister. I then scraped away the paint using the scrapper and the paint fell off. Stripping the paint was time-consuming as my table had curved angles which made it harder to scrape off. It took me roughly three hours to strip and sand back my table.

Ryobi sander

Repairing Damage

I had paint, chips and stains on my tabletop and best way to remove these was with my sander. I used my Ryobi cordless sander to sand back my tabletop until all the areas of damage were smoothed out. I started with coarse sandpaper on my sander and finished off with a finer-grit paper to make it extra smooth. I then sanded back the table to remove the dark varnish that was underneath the paint.

My thrifted kitchen table makeover

Whitewashing With Wax

You might have seen me whitewashing pieces of furniture before. I whitewashed this blanket box last year. However, this time I used a different technique to get the whitewashed effect. I used Autentico wax in the shade “white”. I applied two coats of wax to my table. I applied the wax and allowed it to settle for roughly twenty-minutes before buffing. The wax seals the wood giving it protection. I love how the wax brought out the details of the grain in the wood.

Autentico white wax My thrifted kitchen table makeover

My thrifted kitchen table makeover My thrifted kitchen table makeover My thrifted kitchen table makeover

I love farmhouse style tables which is why I went for the bare wood look. You can find my inspiration over on Pinterest. I now need to tackle my chipped chairs! I think I am going to repaint them in a light pink shade, let me know what colour you think? Check out this week’s video to get a better look at my new table, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed the video.

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    January 31, 2020 / 6:26 am

    A lot of time consuming work. but when you stand back and look at the finished item, you cannot help but be impressed . It looks stunning. I LOVE it. How about painting each chair a different pastel colour. You can then bring out different accessories to match each colour chair , which will then make the kitchen look different on a cheap budget.

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