DIY Christmas wreath using fresh flowers and foliage

DIY Christmas Wreath

If like me you have an artificial Christmas tree but you want to have that lovely fresh scent of Christmas then why not make your very own real wreath. I got a DIY wreath making kit from and I had a try at making my very own wreath. This was also my very first time to make one. I have made faux ones in the past but you can’t beat the smell of a real one in the house. These will last all over the Christmas season and you can remove the foliage and pop it into the compost once it has dried out. You can catch the video below and see how I got on with making my very own wreath. 

The wreath kit comes with everything you need to get started. It costs €40 and includes everything except your wire cutters. Everything from the foliage, moss, decorations and even florist wire is included in the set. You can add in your own decorations to put your own stamp on your wreath and make it match your style of decor.  

I started by adding the moss to the wire ring. I used the florist wire to keep it in place. Once I was happy with the moss I then added my foliage. I cut the foliage into small pieces and made loads of small springs of foliage. I used some wire to keep them in place. You can see how I did this in my Youtube video. My best tip is to make smaller sprigs of foliage and if they fall forward then add some tire to keep them in place. Once I was happy with my foliage I then added in my bows and decorations. 

I think I did really well for my first time making a fresh wreath. Let me know if you have made or if you plan on making one over the holiday season. Don’t forget to recycle the wire ring and decorations when finished and pop your dried foliage into the compost. You can reuse the wire ring to make another wreath. Maybe even a spring wreath? 

You can catch the Youtube video here and below. 

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