Pom Pom cushion DIY

How to Make a Pom Pom cushion 

This week I have gone pom pom mad and I have a really fun DIY. Recently, when I was in London I popped into Liberty and I stumbled across a cushion within the homeware section. The cushion had loads of pom moms sewn into it and that is where I got my idea for this DIY.

I did, however, put my own stamp on it and I picked colours that match my house and style of decor. I remember standing in the shop thinking to myself “ I could make that”, so, I gave it a try. 


Making your Pom Pom’s

For this DIY, you will need loads and loads of pom pom’s. I watched a couple of videos on Youtube on how to get the perfect pom pom. I couldn’t find a Pom Pom maker locally so I decided to use the cardboard trick. Proper old school, it reminded me of being a kid in preschool making pom poms.

I made roughly fifty pom moms for my cushion. Making these was the hardest part as it was time-consuming, I made a few each evening when watching the telly.

The wool I used was from Sostrene Grene and I picked up my rolls in the store in Blanchardstown. I used four different colours that each complemented each other. 

I started making my pom poms by wrapping the wool around my piece of cardboard. I noticed that the more string I wrapped around then the fuller my pom poms were. I wrapped my wool around the cardboard roughly 100 times. Once I wrapped the wool around the cardboard I then tightly wrapped a piece of string around the middle.

I then cut the ends of the wool either side and removed my pom pom from the cardboard. When you remove your pom pom you will notice that it looks a little flat and floppy. This is when you will give your pom pom a haircut.

Using sharp fabric scissors I trimmed my wool into more of a ball shape and this made them look more like pom poms. You can check out my Youtube video to get a better idea of how I made my Pom Poms. 

Your cushion

If you want to make a basic envelope cushion then check out this post. You don’t have to sew a cushion as you can recycle an old one or pick up a cheap cushion in Pennies. You will need to make enough pom poms for the size of your cushion.

I then applied my pom poms to the cushion using fabric glue. You could hand stitch your pom poms onto your cushion, however, I opted to glue them on as I had so many.

If you decide to glue them on then make sure to place some cardboard in between your cushion so as not to glue your whole cushion together. Let your glue dry and then add some filler to your cushion. 

You can now admire all your hard work and style your cushions in your home. If your pom poms get a little flat then you can simply shake them and they will fluff back up.

I have mine styled in my bedroom on my pink couch. You can get really creative with this DIY and use different wools and colours to put your own stamp on it, so have fun with it.

Please check out my Youtube video below where I share how I made my cushion and you can have a better look at it. Do tag me in a picture over on Instagram if you make one. Thanks for reading, Chat soon, Catherine. 

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  1. Catherine Carton
    August 16, 2018 / 8:09 pm

    Thanks so much for reading! x

  2. Avril Ivan
    August 15, 2018 / 7:56 am

    So beautiful Pom Pom cushion. I will try it. Thank you for sharing the DIY tutorial.

  3. Catherine Carton
    July 2, 2018 / 6:27 pm

    Pom Poms are so much fun! so much that can be done with them x thanks for reading!

  4. Lostvestige
    June 22, 2018 / 10:02 pm

    Ahh, those pom poms look like sooo much fun to make! And that pillow is really cute. I feel like the possibilities are almost endless with pom poms..

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