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This week I have been pottering in the garden and I made some DIY garden planters that I want to share with you today. I put together a video on my Youtube channel too and if you watch it to the end you will get to see a mini garden tour. I can see signs of Autumn starting to sneak into the garden, I have spotted some leaves turning orange and the last of the Summer blooms are opening. What better time to get out into the garden and brighten it up with some new planters. 

The tyres

I recycled some old car tyres for today’s DIY. Tyres are pretty easy to source and you might be able to get them for free. I was lucky because my brother is a mechanic but he did say that most places can give away the damaged and worn ones for free. So no harm in asking. Mine were pretty battered but perfect for what I wanted to make in the garden. 

The Paint

For today’s DIY, I used some left over paint that I had from my wishing well DIY. I used the Autentico outdoor paint in the shade Lavender. This paint gives great coverage. I did give both tyres two coats of paint. As my piece is for the garden I didn’t prime my tyres. I just cleaned off all the dirt and grime and then I applied the paint directly. 

Allow a slightly longer drying time for your tyres. I noticed mine took longer to dry compared to painting wood so just bear that in mind when you paint them. You could also try using the garden paints from Cuprinol and Ronseal. I think these would work as well. 

The paint I used did not need to be sealed and I left it to dry over night and then they were ready to be planted in the garden. 

I got my paint off Ursula in her shop in Trim. Tell her Dainty sent ya. 

I got my rope from Woodies. You can buy it by the metre. I originally wanted to cover my whole tyre in rope but I didn’t buy enough. Try if you can look online for someone throwing out rope as it can be pricey to buy in the shops. I used some glue to stick my rope on to the top of my tyre and I wrapped it tightly. 

My second tyre I just hung on my wall. I had seen these on Pinterest and I love the idea of hanging them from a tree. I didn;t have a helper today to help me climb the tree but keep your eyes on my Instagram as I might just try to get it in the tree. For now, though, it is sitting pretty on my wall. 

The plants

The fun part! As we are heading into Autumn I planted Winter plants that will last and flower all throughout Winter. I love Cyclamen. They are a perfect pop of colour and in the previous years that I planted them, I noticed that they have flowered all the way until February. They will also come back to when they die off don’t worry, leave them in the ground and they will grow back around September. 

I used some Chrysanthemums and Winter Pansies in the garden too. I also popped in an ornamental Kale, these mini cabbages are so fun in the garden and I planted one last year and it grew really big. They will only last a season but you will get until next Feb-march with them in your pot. The garden doesn’t have to die off for Winter and now is a great time to start cleaning up the garden for Winter. I love pops of colour in the garden, especially on a grey day. 

I hope you enjoyed today’s DIY. Don’t forget to have a look at my Youtube video and have a peep at my garden. I am a beginner gardener but I am loving the buzz of growing plants and getting my hands dirty in the garden. It is also really relaxing. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t have a big garden as you can use pots on your patio or balcony too. 

Please do tag me in your garden and DIY pics over on Instagram as I love getting to see what you are all making. 

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  1. Lydia
    August 5, 2019 / 8:08 pm

    These are fab!

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