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I put together a little video tour of my sewing room/office on my Youtube today. A few weeks ago when I got home from New York I tackled my spare room. I was using this room to do all of my sewing in but the room was not inspiring me anymore. It felt cluttered and dark. I didn’t have a practical desk to work off and I needed storage. 

I needed a space that could be an office and both a sewing space. When not using it to sew in it has to be clean and tidy for me to work at. 

A change of wallpaper and a lick of paint

The first thing I did was change up the wallpaper. I was caught between two styles of paper from Laura Ashley. When I brought the samples home I decided to settle on the Aviary Garden green wallpaper. We painted the whole room in some Dulux brilliant white paint. We used the paint that had a sheen to it, not the Matt. 

As it is a work space I needed it to be really bright and fresh. It was previously painted in magnolia and although that is a bright colour it started to look washy and dirty over time. As soon as we changed the wallpaper and paint the room looked bigger and brighter. 

I used one roll of wallpaper and applied two coats of paint. 

The desk 

You might have seen my Ikea desk hack video but if you didn’t you can catch it here. So, I needed a desk that was wide and deep enough to cut the fabric off, and a desk that was also perfect for sitting at whilst working off my laptop. Lately, I was editing videos and writing blog posts on my couch and my back was getting sore so now I make myself sit at the desk. 

My desk is the Ikea Lerberg and Linnmon combo. My chair is also from Ikea and it is called Feodor. The little furry rug on the chair is from Moss Cottage. 


Before I decluttered the room I would have bags of fabric lying around and I would feel swamped and overwhelmed looking at people’s orders I needed to make. My room is a small room but it does have a little built in wardrobe. I cleared this out and I use it to store things like fabric/filler and equipment like my printer and tripods. All of the junk that I don’t want on display. 

I then got the Kallax storage unit from Ikea and I teamed it with the white wicker baskets. The Kallax unit is great as my sewing machine fits in nicely when I am not using it. Normally I would pick second-hand furniture and up-cycle it, however, I just didn’t have the time to revamp all of the pieces for the room and I had a small budget to re decorate the room so I went with the Ikea pieces. I love how they all match each other.  


I wanted the room to feel fun and have some of my favourite trinkets in it. I didn’t want it to feel like a boring plane workspace. I can easily spend hours sewing or be editing a video so I wanted it to feel fun, fresh and bright. 

I had some teacups that had been sitting behind my sofa in boxes waiting for a home so I popped them on the shelves. I love flowers but I keep the real flowers for the kitchen and use artificial flowers in the other rooms of the house. I have some small ornaments in the kallax unit but overall I tried to keep it to a minimum with trinkets as with sewing and cutting fabric it generates a lot of dust and fluff. 

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Check out the video on my Youtube to get a better look and feel to the room and don;t forget to subscribe. I also love seeing your room makeovers so don’t forget to tag me in your pics on Instagram. 

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