Spring room makeover inspiration.

Beating the January blues.

Hi guys, so all the decorations are down and the room is looking bigger and a little bare but to be honest although I love the Christmas tree I am glad the clutter is gone. 

January can be a tough month, personally I love it as spring is around the corner but it can be a long month, so to lift my mood and keep me busy I am going to give the living room a little makeover. 

Now my current wallpaper is only up about a year and a half and I do love it but I fancy a change and want a bit of color in the room. 

I also picked up the autumn Laura Ashley catalogue and just adored this cyclamen wallpaper, I loved it even more every time I seen their shopping bags over Christmas that had this print. 

Now as my room is already neutral all I have to do is buy two rolls of wallpaper and one meter of the fabric, I will make matching cushions out of the fabric and use the wallpaper scraps to put into the frames. 

I am also going to finally paint the orange pine skirting and window sill. 

Always get a sample.

This is my best advice for anybody re decorating a room, especially with paint. The girls are really generous with the samples so I left the sample pinned to the wall for over a week so I could see how it looked in all lighting, Also thankfully I don’t have to paint my walls as the paper matches in with the antique white painted walls. 

Lighting is always different in shops compared to homes, lighting is much more brighter and white compared to warm yellow toned lighting at home, lighting in shops is also positioned to make the displays look their best so always always bring home samples and tester pots. I learned this the hard way before with paint so don’t waste any of your hard earned cash on being impatient. 

My hand painted fireplace. 

Just click here for the link to my painted fireplace diy.  I painted this last year and it made a massive difference to the room. You too can tackle this job. It took me about two days to do and never looked back. 

You can find this wallpaper here on the Laura Ashley website.

If you get this in January you can get it 50% off in their January sale. There was also 30% off on the fabric too. A little tip if you can sew is to make the cushions yourself from the fabric as the cushions on their own are a little expensive. So save some pennies and sew your own cushions, 

Getting inspiration. 

I got inspiration from the little tea cup set in the picture above. I just loved the pinks and lilacs and then when I seen this paper it reminded me of the cup. 

If you are stuck on where to start and need inspiration then find an item or a place you really love. 

It could be a cute coffee shop or an old china plate or a piece of fabric. I find inspiration everywhere, even have a Pinterest binge and that will get your creative juices flowing. 

Be warned though hours can be lost on pinterest and it gets addictive. 

Thanks for stopping by, I am hoping to get this done in the next two/three weeks on my days off from work. Let me know if you have any diy projects planned for this year as I love to see and get lots of inspiration from your projects. 

Don’t forget to link your blog in the comments section so I can have a read. 

Chat soon, 




  1. The dainty dress diaries
    January 4, 2016 / 7:56 pm

    Aw thanks for reading, hope you had a lovely weekend. Thanks for taking the time to comment. hugs x x

  2. a writing place
    January 4, 2016 / 5:53 pm

    Your softness in decorating is lovely. But it wouldn't work, in our older home. I can still enjoy seeing how others can decorate though.Yes to the covering one's own pillows. Simple, even for me. :-)Gentle hugs…From across the pond…

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