What I have been up to.

Hi everyone, 

So this week I have been busy and have not had much of a chance to blog so I thought I would share what is keeping me busy, 

First of all the day job is keeping me very busy, working full time is hard and trying to fit in my crafts. 

I am back in sewing class on Monday evenings and I am loving them, learning lots of new things and makes for the home. 

This little chap above is my first attempt at making a bear, my teacher brought these in to show us and I just had to make one, I am going to practice and make another in some shabby chic fabric. 

I also made a cute sock and have had a lot of people asking if I will be selling them but unfortunately I wont be making them to sell as I have been kept so busy making the personalised frames below. 

I love making the personalised frames and love seeing people reaction to them and getting their feedback. These are available in the Etsy shop or you can send me an email in the contact link above.

As always you can find me over on Instagram @daintydressdiaries and on snapchat @daintydiaries. I might not be able to post as much on the blog but you can still find me over there where I try and post daily. 

Let me know what your doing to keep yourself busy in the Winter and don’t forget to leave your blog link in the comments section below. 

Chat soon,



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