Hello everyone!

Everyone loves getting happy mail, this month I bought one of the ihearthomes happy mail boxes.

I had been following this company on Instagram for ages and when the theme for the month was afternoon tea I just had to pick a box. 

ihearthomes started a monthly subscription service back in April, you can like me however just buy that months box if you like the sounds of that months theme.

The theme for August was afternoon tea and this September the theme is ‘Paris is always a good idea’ so i think I need to splurge again. 

There are three price levels starting at £10 and I was feeling flush and bought the £28 box.

I just want to share below some of the gorgeous goodies I got.

The boxes would make fantastic gifts as there is so many items put in and so much fun rummaging through like a kid at Christmas.

I also have to say thank you as they didn’t charge me extra postage to ship to Ireland which I was willing to pay extra.

The print above will look gorgeous in a little frame, you could get on of the frames from dealz (poundland) for 1.49 and paint it in a fun colour.

I love this cup and cake plate, perfect for when you get home from work and have that tea and nibble to keep you going until dinner.

I accidentally broke my spoon but I will glue it back together. 

No words needed for these coasters! just too cute and I love they came in a holder as I have loads but no holder which is annoying. 

These napkins are perfect for my decoupage ladies!

How adorable is this matchstick nail file set! I will be popping these in the office for the work girlies!!

This tea towel is amazing! Its too pretty to use so I am going to keep it for a little up cycle job and maybe turn it onto a pin board? keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram.

Even Blondie got pleasure from the box it all came in!!

Let me know what your faves are and if you are going to get the September Paris theme!.

Chat soon, 

Catherine and Blondie. 


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  1. Siobhan Wyatt
    September 3, 2015 / 9:24 pm

    Such cute pieces Catherine xx

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