Shabby chic workshop

Last night I went to one of the basic interior design workshops by collettes creations. Link to collettes Facebook page below.

We’ll it really got the creative juices flowing and had so much fun at the workshop.

It was basically a crash course on interior styling and as I recently bought a house I’m stuck for trying to figure out what styles I like and basically were to start.

So i left with a fabulous mood board and some direction! 

Collette shared all the little tricks on picking and matching colours and for making rooms look bigger and getting the most out of your space. 

The workshop was out in picturesque Glenealy in co Wicklow at collettes fabulous house which I will share pictures below. 

As soon as you enter the house your met by the most beautiful chez lounge and a warm and cosy homely feeling. 

There is this gorgeous old shoe suitcase which collette said she uses for vintage weddings as a table plan.

What I really grasped the most from the class was that you don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive furniture or accessories. 

You can pick up a lot from charity shops and car boot sales and even auctions.

I love this idea as I find a lot if the items you come across in the likes of next and Laura Ashley quite expensive for what they are.

Dotted around the house is all these interesting and quirky accessories.

I also learned to think outside of the box! 

Just like these tea cup saucers on the wall and puttin tea lights in tea cups. 

We each then made our mood boards and this is a fantastic way to figure out what you like.

I had a very rough idea for a bedroom so I flicked through some magazines and cut out everything I liked and came up with this. 

Now it looks a bit fussy but once I started the inner child just wanted to keep gluing things but I ended up with some direction.

I have this mood board positioned in the bedroom that I want to decorate and going to start picking some samples and a bit of accessories browsing to see if I can pull it all together to make it work in the room.

Il do a post when iv started and will show you the progress. 

Oh and there was also some fabulous tea cups and this fab china display cabinet.

Think I’m going to have to learn to paint one as I’m running out of space for my tea cups and this is fab! 

So now I am bursting wth lots of ideas! 

One of the next things I am going tondo is attempt the painting workshops as it’s so much cheaper to up style furniture yourself and make look expensive. 

Here are the link to both the dollydaydream Facebook page and also collettes creations Facebook page! 

I will update you with how I get on with the decorating!



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