Shabby and chic

 I have a little obsession with cute shabby chic bits for the home and since I bought my first home just before Christmas I thought I’d share mini home posts whenever I pick up little bits for my home. 

Everything I pick up is generally on a budget but I’m finding a lot of cute shabby chic items in the likes of dunnes and heatons. 

I got his little house from heatons for €15 and have it at the moment on my mantle piece. The jars inside are actually yogurt pots and I just cleaned them and put a rose that fell off inside some water.

These little lavender love hearts are from dunnes and only €5! So I have them hanging on doors to add a bit of colour to my hallway. 

I picked up this tea cup lamp in argos just before Christmas but it is out of stock now as it went into sale but I did pick up a new shade for it to make it more shabby chic. This shade is from dunnes and was €12.

Now I couldn’t go to dunnes and not pick up some tea cups! 

I couldn’t resist and even though payday is not for a few days I bought these little tea cups out of my last few pennies. 

These are €12 each but look so vintage. 

I got two but they have two more colours which il pick up next time I am in. They also have a matching cake stand. 

Then I had my candle fix in ikea.

I generally don’t get much in ikea bit always come out with scented candles and fake flowers.

I picked up this cream rose pot for only €6.50 and was thinking that it could also be used as a bin or even make up storage. 

Plant is also fake! Trying to keep my one plant alive before I commit to more real plants lol!


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