Plants to grow  this Autumn

The garden doesn’t have to die off in Autumn, and you can add a splash of colour to your border with some Autumn perennial and annual plants.

When planting in containers this time of year, pots can become waterlogged. Make sure there is plenty of drainage in your containers and soil.

Chrysanthemums ( or Mums as some call them) are Annual plants, and they bloom from September to the first frost.




While Cyclamen will flower throughout Winter, you can purchase them now from garden centres.

Winter Pansie

Winter pansies are one of my favourites, as they can bloom throughout Autumn and Winter.

Heuchera known as Coral Bells

Heuchera or coral bells are a semi-evergreen perennial that adds colour to your border with its beautiful foliage.

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Whether you have a garden border or want to create some colourful pots, you can create an Autumn display that adds colour from September until the first frost.