Remove clutter from your home and think clearer

I am going to share my tips on how to declutter. I hate throwing items out, but I have been in my home for seven years now, and I needed to thin out on clutter that was weighing me down.

How To Declutter Your Home

Feel Lighter!

Some people prefer to put all their items in the middle of the floor and go through each one. I love doing this with clothes, but I find it overwhelming with other rooms. Start small and do one cupboard at a time.

One press at a time


I don’t keep a maybe pile

I don’t let myself have a maybe pile as I find I end up keeping the items and still not using it.

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Whether it is a charity shop, recycling centre or you are going to sell your old items online, make sure you have somewhere to bring it so it doesn’t make its way into the shed/guestroom.