DIY Christmas tree advent calendar from palette wood

Use up old palette wood and make a Christmas tree

This year I wanted to make my own advent calendar. I had seen lots of wooden trees on Pinterest and Youtube and I decided to make one for myself. I had an old palette in my garden and I decided to use the wood from that for this project. This tree cost me very little to make and it only took an afternoon to complete. I used some power tools for this project but you can use a hand saw and wood glue if you don't have a drill or jigsaw. You can also check out this DIY on my Youtube channel too


5 ways you can earn extra cash for Christmas

Beat the debt this Christmas and earn some extra income 

Each year I see so many people getting caught up in the spending buzz of Christmas. I work in retail so I see it first hand. People traipsing around with shopping bags, endless queues and people buying things just for the sake of it. There can be social pressure to buy lots of gifts and spend loads over Christmas and the endless ads in the media don't help either. Don't get me wrong, I do love to treat my friends and family but I don't want to be knee deep in debt come January. So, I have put together 5 things you can do from now until Christmas to bring in some extra cash. 


Versatile Autumn style with Marks & Spencer |AD

Versatile workwear and day off style

*This is a sponsored collaboration with Marks & Spencer and shopping links

Today I have two outfits to share with you from Marks and Spencer.  I have two unique looks, one of the outfits I picked is more casual and perfect for your day off. A perfect bottomless brunch outfit! and my second look is a perfect sophisticated workwear look that teams heavier Autumn fabrics that will keep you warm coming into Winter. These outfits are so versatile and can be dressed up and dressed down to suit your style. I also have some accessories to style these up too, so, if you are a bag lady then I have two bags that might make you swoon. I have been working with Marks & Spencer the past few months and I have to say that the quality is really good and I have been wearing the outfits from my previous posts regularly and they have washed well and still look as good as when I first got them. I will make sure to link to the items below. These items will fit in as well with the other pieces I have in my wardrobe for Winter.


Living room update | AD

My new DFS sofas arrived

It feels like Christmas has come early! I am writing this blog post from my new sofas which arrived this week. You might remember a few weeks ago I chatted about all things sofas with DFS. You can catch the post here. I had been wanting to upgrade my old second-hand sofas for ages, they were oversized for my living room and the time had come to change them. I put together a Youtube video showing the new sofas in my living room and I am thrilled with them. I now have so much more space and my new sofas fit in perfectly with my decor. If you are thinking of upgrading your new sofas and don't know where to start then check out my video I made with Lisa from DFS where we went into detail and shared some tips for picking the perfect sofa. 

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