DIY Pastel painted pumpkins

Pimp your pumpkins to match your decor

I love decorating the house for Halloween. I am not a fan of the scary decor so I prefer to style my pumpkins to be more Autumnal and match my existing decor. You can get really creative and paint some pumpkins that match your style. I picked up some craft polystyrene pumpkins for today's DIY. I love to make some Autumnal displays in the home and I generally leave them on display until the end of November before decorating the home for Christmas. The great thing about the faux pumpkins is you can store them and reuse them next year. I don't like the thoughts of painting the real ones and they end up rotting after a few weeks. Il pop some links below for you to get some polystyrene pumpkins. I have also got a Youtube video for this DIY which I will like here and I will leave the video at the end of this post. 


DIY cleaning products and my cleaning routine

Make your own environmentally friendly cleaning products

I am loving the cleaning buzz that is going on at the moment. Nothing beats a good scrub and having your house in order. However, I am not loving all of the chemical products that we have gotten into the habit of using. The cleaning aisle used to be my fave place in the supermarket and I couldn't resist a new cleaning product. Lately, I have become more conscious of the number of chemicals I am using, it can't be healthy breathing in these harsh chemicals and I also have to think of my pets too. I have decided to ditch the cleaning aisle in favour of making my own products. They are cheaper, better for your health and kinder to the environment. Instead of having a cupboard full of cleaning products I now only have a small caddy full. I think if we all made some small changes it would make a massive impact on the environment and our health. 


DIY leaf bowl, Autumn craft idea

DIY leaf trinket dish 

I took some inspiration from nature and decided to use the falling leaves in my garden for a DIY project. Using some air drying clay, I made my very own leaf trinket dishes. I got my inspiration from a trinket dish I got in Heatons last year. I loved it but I couldn't find anymore in the shop so I decided to make my own leaf trinket dish instead. This is a really fun Autumn afternoon DIY. The only time-consuming part of this DIY is allowing time for the clay to dry. You can get really creative and use different size leaves and different coloured paints to make a trinket dish to suit your own personal style. I also have a Youtube video showing you how I made these and I will link it here for you to enjoy.


My tips for buying the perfect sofa with DFS |AD

How to buy a sofa

*This is a sponsored collaboration with DFS

Buying a sofa is one of the biggest purchases you will make for your home. It is also one of the more expensive pieces of furniture you will buy. It can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to choosing the perfect sofa to fit your space and lifestyle. I have teamed up with DFS for today's post as I am upgrading my old second-hand sofas and getting some new sofas that will better suit my living room space. As I have never purchased a sofa before I didn't know where to start. I also didn't want to make an expensive mistake as I know some people can get the measurements wrong. As you guys know I am a huge fan of upcycling furniture for my home. I have a set of second-hand couches in my living room for the past five years. I want to upgrade them as they are too large for my living room. I want to get new sofas that will better fit my space. So, the lovely Lisa, a sofa expert in the DFS store in Blanchardstown kindly let me pick her brains and answered all my sofa buying questions. Below I have some tips for picking the perfect sofa, so whether you are a sofa buying newbie or you want to upgrade then I hope you will find these tips useful.


Solo travelling in Lisbon

Where I stayed and where I explored 

I  got home in the early hours of yesterday morning and I wanted to share with you solo travel experience of the charming city of Lisbon. In this post, I am going to share all of the pretty places that I explored. If you are a fellow solo travelling female and looking for a fun city to explore than I recommend this city. I thankfully had no issues and I found the local people really friendly and polite. I found the public transport easy to navigate around and I found some amazing places to explore. I also have put together a Vlog if you want to check it out and you can see the beautiful city of Lisbon for yourself. 

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