Inside the dolls house at Rathaspeck manor

Staycation in Ireland

Last weekend I headed down to the sunny south-east. I wanted to have a little staycation so I took the weekend off and headed down to Rathaspeck manor in co. Wexford. I had been wanting to stay in the dolls house ever since I read about it last year. I treated myself to a stay in the dolls house and I had a ramble around Wexford too. I put together a Vlog where I show you around the house and I also visited Wells house and gardens, Curracloe beach and Johnstown castle. 


Pom Pom cushion DIY

How to make a Pom Pom cushion 

This week I have gone pom pom mad and I have a really fun DIY. Recently, when I was in London I popped into Liberty and I stumbled across a cushion within the homeware section. The cushion had loads of pom moms sewn into it and that is where I got my idea for this DIY. I did, however, put my own stamp on it and I picked colours that match my house and style of decor. I remember standing in the shop thinking to myself “ I could make that”, so, I gave it a try. 


The Japanese gardens and Irish national stud

Perfect place to visit on your day off

I am always looking for somewhere nice to visit on my days off, whether it is a cute cafe or a garden I love to get out and ramble. I was searching for places to visit that were under an hours drive from Dublin and the Irish national stud came up. I had always wanted to visit the Japanese garden's so on Sunday I hopped in the car and I went down. The Irish national stud is the same exit on the N7 as Kildare village, it was really easy to find. I went early to see the garden's before the buses of tourists came and I do recommend going early or going midweek. 


My beginners guide to gardening

Gardening basics

Now, I am no Alan Titchmarsh! However, I have been gardening the past three years and I am starting to get better at it. Some flowers were sacrificed along the way and some rookie mistakes were learnt from. I have loved the reaction from you guys over on Instagram when it comes to gardening posts. The most common thing you guys are saying is that you would love to start gardening but you don't know where to start or that you are gardening but struggling to keep plants alive. So, I have put together my beginners garden guide to give you some help. I get a lot of my garden info from watching garden programmes, I adore Monty Don and my Friday night is not complete without an episode of gardener's world (I am aware not may thirty-year-olds live for gardener's world on a Friday night but it's my guilty pleasure). What I love about the garden is that it keeps me mindful, I can unplug the phone after work and go out for an hour or two and potter in the garden. There are loads of articles on how gardening can help with wellbeing and mental health and I can agree that a good gardening session leaves me feeling fulfiled and calm. You don't have to have a large garden, you can use pots or raised beds to create your own little garden escape.


Styling a Summer garden party

Festival style garden party 

This weekend I threw a party in my garden. I have wanted to throw one for ages, however, I don't have any fancy garden furniture and my back garden is quite plain at the moment. When I was in Dubai earlier this year, I was really inspired by their relaxed outdoor decor. When on the beach I saw some girls drive up and when they got out of their jeep they started to lay down some rugs, cushions and a table and had they just relaxed on the beach. I loved the idea of just laying down some rugs and big pillows, it is such a simple idea but I had never thought of doing it. I decided to take the inspiration and throw a relaxed festival style garden party of my own. I was using the fact that my back garden was plain to my advantage.


The most Instagrammable cafes in London

Cute cafes in the city 

Recently when I was in London I noticed a trend for aesthetically pleasing floral cafes. When I visit a new place I always have a look on Instagram for ideas and inspiration. With my blog, I am in London a few times each year and I always try and visit a cute spot when I am there. I have compiled my list of all the ones that I have visited so far starting with the most recent ones. If you have found some cute ones then please do comment below and let me know or you can send me a DM over on Instagram. 


Checking in with your goals and forward planning with Leanún designs

* This is a collaboration with leanún Designs

Mid-year review

Can you believe we are almost halfway into 2018 already? I thought it would be a good time to sit down and review, reflect and plan and take control of my 2018. In this post I am going to talk more about goals, setting them, finding out what it is you want to achieve and some tips on taking action. If you set yourself some goals back in January and you still haven’t taken action then don’t worry, it is never too late to start again. You might have read my post from earlier this year about setting good goals. You can check that post out as well. I have teamed up with the ladies from Leanún designs for today's blog post and I am going to be showing you how I use their new mid-year planner to take back control of my goals and how I use this as a tool for staying organised and on track. I also have a code for the first 100 of you guys to get a free weekly hustle notepad when you place an order for your Midyear weekly planner. 


Bloom festival 2018

Heading to Bloom this weekend? 

I was really impressed with Bloom this year. After being at the Chelsea flower show last week I was worried that Bloom would be a letdown but I can honestly say that I was so impressed with the garden's this year. I have put together a Youtube video of the day too as from chatting with you guys on Instagram I know some of you won't make it up to Dublin this weekend to see it. I got lots of inspiration for my garden, now to just get the time and muscle to try and do some of the bits in my garden! I will link my Youtube video below and I hope you enjoy my photos of the day. 

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