Homeware Haul 2018, Ikea and Homesense haul

Homeware haul time 

It has been ages since I had a good ramble around the shops. I won't lie, I am not a fan of wandering the shops, I think it is because I work in retail that it kills me to spend my spare time traipsing around busy shops. I have been working on my bathroom the past few weeks and I was lacking inspiration. When I get stuck for interior inspiration I like to visit some homeware shops and get ideas from their displays. I was also looking for some new trinkets for the bathroom so I went to my old reliable shops that are Homesense and Ikea. In today's post, I will share what I picked up and I also have a Youtube video which I will link below. 


Transitional Autumn outfits with Marks and Spencer

*This is a sponsored collaboration with Marks & Spencer and shopping links

Late Summer and Early Autumn styling

Hands up who is excited for Autumn? We have been having amazing weather this Summer but I can start to see the very early signs of Autumn and it is making me excited. You will have noticed that a lot of the shops on the high street are showcasing their new collections. It is that awkward in-between time of the seasons. For me personally, I want to spend my money on pieces that will work well for now and for the season ahead. I don't want to waste money on pieces that I will only get a few weeks of wear from them. I am also more conscious of fast fashion and I want to wear more and buy less when it comes to my wardrobe. I have teamed up again with Marks and Spencer to show you three looks that you can wear now and also for the season ahead. I recently wore these items on my trip to France and I was really impressed with the quality and the fit. I picked items that could be styled with tights and ankle boots for when it gets cooler around October time. 


Provence travel guide

The beautiful French countryside

I am just back from an amazing trip around Provence. This was a dream come true for me as it has been on my bucket list for ages. I would admire the quaint villages on Pinterest and long to go and see them. I loved every minute of the trip and I will share where we stayed, how we travelled around and some of the cute villages we passed through. We travelled through some amazing villages like Valensole, Gordes and Forcalquier and explored the largers towns like Avignon and Aix en Provence. You will find all the detaila and lots of pictures below for you to enjoy. 


Bathroom update, replacing my bath panel

Bathroom refresh Part 1 

This week I have started to tackle some jobs in my downstairs bathroom. Bathrooms can be really expensive so I am tackling some jobs myself to save on costs. In today's post, I am sharing how I changed my bath panel, toilet seat and shower door seal. I still have some jobs left to do in the bathroom but I thought I would share what I have done so far. A lot of the pieces in the bathroom are there from when I first moved in. I had an ugly broken plastic bath panel, a plastic toilet seat and some mouldy shower seals. Changing these have already made it look cleaner and I can't wait to tackle the rest of the decorating. 


Master Bedroom Tour | Video

A look around my master bedroom 

Hi everyone, I have had a few requests for a master bedroom tour video and I have finally put one together. I still have some pieces of furniture in the room that I want to paint and upcycle but overall I am happy with how my room is looking at the moment. I will make sure to leave the Youtube video below and link it here for you to check out. I also have a house tour playlist on my Youtube channel where you can check out my other rooms. 


DIY flower bouquet box

Reuse some old gift boxes and make your own flower bouquet box 

I am always collecting tea sets and these tea sets always come in the prettiest of boxes. I hate to throw these in the bin so I decided to reuse them and turn them into pretty flower display boxes. You might have seen these pretty flower boxes on Instagram or Pinterest. They are really popular but they can be really expensive to buy from the florists. In today's post, I am going to show you how to make both bouquet boxes using both real and faux flowers. These were much easier to make than I expected. I also used some real flowers from Aldi which kept the costs down. I also have a Youtube video which will give you a better idea of how I made these flower boxes. These are really quick make and you would easily make these in an afternoon.


DIY Teacup Bird Feeders

Create a cute teacup bird feeder

As some of you might know, I am a teacup hoarder. When people are throwing tea sets out I just cannot say no and I have to rescue them. This leaves me with a large amount of mismatched and odd china and nowhere to store it. I am always looking for ways that I can re-use china teacups and a really popular DIY online is the teacup bird feeder. I already feed the wild birds but I wanted to make a pretty display for my garden. I used an old palette that I had in the garden and I made a cute teacup bird feeding station. In today's post, I will show you how I made my teacup feeders and assembled my feeding station. I also have a Youtube video sharing how I made these and I will link it below or you to check out. 


How to make a straw basket bag, wicker handbag DIY

Diy basket bag 

I am loving the straw and wicker basket bags that are on trend at the moment. I have seen some amazing DIY’s showing how to make them so I thought I would have a go at making one for myself. The great thing about my DIY is that you will only need some glue, an old handbag strap and a basket. There is no sewing with this DIY and you can quickly knock one up. As always I will have a Youtube video at the bottom of the post where you can watch how I made the basket bag. There are so many ways in which you can personalise your bag, you can get creative and add your own stamp to this DIY. 


Sunny Summer mornings with Marks and Spencer

*This is a sponsored collaboration with Marks & Spencer and shopping links.

Sunny Summer mornings with M&S

There is something about a Sunny Summer morning that just puts a smile on your face. Whether you are away on holidays or on your day off you just can't beat that feeling of a slow-paced Summers morning. For me, I think it is waking up to the sunshine on my face that instantly lifts my mood. I make a habit of leaving my phone downstairs and let myself wake up naturally with no alarm. I head downstairs for some coffee and have my breakfast. Only then can I check in with whats going on in the world. As we are having some amazing weather at the moment I thought it would be great to pick some items from Marks and Spencer that will keep you cool on these unusually warm Summer nights. I am also going away on holiday's in July so I picked items that are hand luggage friendly, good quality and pieces that will last you for more than one Summer season. Some hero pieces for Summer whether you are travelling or at home. 


Inside the dolls house at Rathaspeck manor

Staycation in Ireland

Last weekend I headed down to the sunny south-east. I wanted to have a little staycation so I took the weekend off and headed down to Rathaspeck manor in co. Wexford. I had been wanting to stay in the dolls house ever since I read about it last year. I treated myself to a stay in the dolls house and I had a ramble around Wexford too. I put together a Vlog where I show you around the house and I also visited Wells house and gardens, Curracloe beach and Johnstown castle. 


Pom Pom cushion DIY

How to make a Pom Pom cushion 

This week I have gone pom pom mad and I have a really fun DIY. Recently, when I was in London I popped into Liberty and I stumbled across a cushion within the homeware section. The cushion had loads of pom moms sewn into it and that is where I got my idea for this DIY. I did, however, put my own stamp on it and I picked colours that match my house and style of decor. I remember standing in the shop thinking to myself “ I could make that”, so, I gave it a try. 


The Japanese gardens and Irish national stud

Perfect place to visit on your day off

I am always looking for somewhere nice to visit on my days off, whether it is a cute cafe or a garden I love to get out and ramble. I was searching for places to visit that were under an hours drive from Dublin and the Irish national stud came up. I had always wanted to visit the Japanese garden's so on Sunday I hopped in the car and I went down. The Irish national stud is the same exit on the N7 as Kildare village, it was really easy to find. I went early to see the garden's before the buses of tourists came and I do recommend going early or going midweek. 


My beginners guide to gardening

Gardening basics

Now, I am no Alan Titchmarsh! However, I have been gardening the past three years and I am starting to get better at it. Some flowers were sacrificed along the way and some rookie mistakes were learnt from. I have loved the reaction from you guys over on Instagram when it comes to gardening posts. The most common thing you guys are saying is that you would love to start gardening but you don't know where to start or that you are gardening but struggling to keep plants alive. So, I have put together my beginners garden guide to give you some help. I get a lot of my garden info from watching garden programmes, I adore Monty Don and my Friday night is not complete without an episode of gardener's world (I am aware not may thirty-year-olds live for gardener's world on a Friday night but it's my guilty pleasure). What I love about the garden is that it keeps me mindful, I can unplug the phone after work and go out for an hour or two and potter in the garden. There are loads of articles on how gardening can help with wellbeing and mental health and I can agree that a good gardening session leaves me feeling fulfiled and calm. You don't have to have a large garden, you can use pots or raised beds to create your own little garden escape.


Styling a Summer garden party

Festival style garden party 

This weekend I threw a party in my garden. I have wanted to throw one for ages, however, I don't have any fancy garden furniture and my back garden is quite plain at the moment. When I was in Dubai earlier this year, I was really inspired by their relaxed outdoor decor. When on the beach I saw some girls drive up and when they got out of their jeep they started to lay down some rugs, cushions and a table and had they just relaxed on the beach. I loved the idea of just laying down some rugs and big pillows, it is such a simple idea but I had never thought of doing it. I decided to take the inspiration and throw a relaxed festival style garden party of my own. I was using the fact that my back garden was plain to my advantage.


The most Instagrammable cafes in London

Cute cafes in the city 

Recently when I was in London I noticed a trend for aesthetically pleasing floral cafes. When I visit a new place I always have a look on Instagram for ideas and inspiration. With my blog, I am in London a few times each year and I always try and visit a cute spot when I am there. I have compiled my list of all the ones that I have visited so far starting with the most recent ones. If you have found some cute ones then please do comment below and let me know or you can send me a DM over on Instagram. 


Checking in with your goals and forward planning with Leanún designs

* This is a collaboration with leanún Designs

Mid-year review

Can you believe we are almost halfway into 2018 already? I thought it would be a good time to sit down and review, reflect and plan and take control of my 2018. In this post I am going to talk more about goals, setting them, finding out what it is you want to achieve and some tips on taking action. If you set yourself some goals back in January and you still haven’t taken action then don’t worry, it is never too late to start again. You might have read my post from earlier this year about setting good goals. You can check that post out as well. I have teamed up with the ladies from Leanún designs for today's blog post and I am going to be showing you how I use their new mid-year planner to take back control of my goals and how I use this as a tool for staying organised and on track. I also have a code for the first 100 of you guys to get a free weekly hustle notepad when you place an order for your Midyear weekly planner. 


Bloom festival 2018

Heading to Bloom this weekend? 

I was really impressed with Bloom this year. After being at the Chelsea flower show last week I was worried that Bloom would be a letdown but I can honestly say that I was so impressed with the garden's this year. I have put together a Youtube video of the day too as from chatting with you guys on Instagram I know some of you won't make it up to Dublin this weekend to see it. I got lots of inspiration for my garden, now to just get the time and muscle to try and do some of the bits in my garden! I will link my Youtube video below and I hope you enjoy my photos of the day. 


Sew a wrap skirt, easy sew with no zips, simplicity pattern 8606 | AD

* This post is sponsored by Hickeys homefocus.ie

Sewing a wrap skirt using Simplicity pattern 8606

I am buzzing as I type this blog post as I have made my very first wrap skirt. I have teamed up with the guys at Hickeys Fabrics to share how I made my skirts in today’s post. I am not a pro at sewing and I don’t have much experience with dressmaking but I was thrilled when I was able to put together a skirt by myself. Last year you might remember I made a dress with Angeline Murphy, You can catch that post here. I remembered some of the tips she had taught me and I used them when making my skirt. Dressmaking and reading patterns can be scary but honestly, when you break them down they are not. If I can make a skirt then you can too! All of the items I used in today’s post are from Hickeys Home focus. I got my Simplicity pattern from their store in Mary St Dublin. This project is perfect for beginners to but I would recommend you have basic sewing machine skills. If you are a complete beginner then why not check out my previous post with Hickeys on how to make an envelope cushion, you can find that here. 


Vlog | Chelsea flower show and London trip

Chelsea flower show and cute cafes in London

Well, what a week it has been this week. On Sunday I flew to London for the Chelsea flower show. I decided to take an extra night so I could do some rambling and exploring the city. I remember last year watching the Chelsea flower show and saying to myself "next year I am going to be there". I asked around every PR I knew to try and get a press pass with no luck. Then I applied online through the RHS website for media accreditation. I was thrilled when they accepted me for the press day. I have two vlogs on my Youtube channel this week. The first is a Vlog sharing my day at the Chelsea flower show and the second is a Vlog sharing all of the cute places I visited in London. 
London came alive with floral displays. I walked up to Covent Garden and admired the pretty Jo Malone car as well as the floral displays above the shops. I treated myself to a Fortnum's and Mason picnic basket too! At the moment there is a real trend for the cute floral cafes in London. I tried to visit as many of them as I could. I popped into Elan cafe, Saint Aymes and Fort Mason. I also enjoyed the sunshine and strolled through Hyde Park. Just like in the last London Vlog, I stayed in the Kensington and Chelsea area as this was close to the Chelsea flower show. This is my favourite area was I just love the little mews houses and courtyards. I find it nice and quiet there compared to some of the other parts. 

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Host your own Summer bottomless brunch

* Items gifted 

Summer garden brunch with Laura Ashley

Hi everyone, the ladies over at Laura Ashley let me pick some gorgeous pieces from their Summer range and I thought I would style them and show you how you can create your own at home bottomless brunch. At the moment there is a huge trend for bottomless brunch. I have to say I have experienced one or two of these bottomless brunches and I was a little worse for wear after all of the bottomless mimosas! They can also be a bit expensive so why not host your own and have the girls over to your house and host your own bottomless brunch. Save your pennies and use the money you save by treating yourself to some pretty tableware or even a pretty new outfit instead. 


How to make a flower wall, cheap and budget friendly

Paper flower wall DIY

Nowadays, a party is not a party without a flower wall. Flower walls have become so popular, from weddings and Communions to festivals and pretty bars you are guaranteed to see a floral display. I wanted to make my own for an upcoming garden party but I didn't want to break the bank. Flower walls can be so expensive, whether you are considering renting one or making one from faux flowers they can be costly. I am pleased to say that the one I made in today's post was really cheap and all it cost me was time. I have also put together a Youtube video showing you how I put the flower wall together and I will link it at the bottom of this post.


Ikea Rug Hack, turn the Tanum rug into a pillow

Ikea rug hack

I am planning a fun festival-style garden party for this Summer and I wanted to start making some fun pieces to style my garden for the party. When I was in Dubai I got really inspired by their decor. What really inspired me was their use of texture and print. One of the evenings at the beach a car pulled up, out popped these gorgeous girls and they set up a cosy spot on the beach to watch the sunset. They had a gorgeous patterned rug and loads of pillows. They created a cute picnic style set up and the red patterns popped against the bright sand. I wanted to create something similar for my garden for Summer. So! Today I am starting with the big cushions. I wanted big pillow style cushions that would be comfy to sit on but would be thick and durable in the garden. When I was on the hunt for a rug I stumbled across the Ikea Tanum rugs, I decided to use them in today's DIY and the best part is these rugs are €6 each. I also used one of the Signe rugs and these are only €2.50, even better.  I also made a Youtube video sharing how I made these and I will link it at the end of the post. 


Planting succulents in old tea tins

Succulent planter DIY

I am obsessed with succulents lately. You might have seen my Vlog from Dublin design night were I went to a class and I learnt to make my own terrarium. Well, since making my terrarium I have been obsessed and I have been binging on Youtube videos and Pinterest posts on how to care for and plant succulents. In today's post, I am going to reuse some vintage style tins and I will transform them into mini planters. I will also share a few tips that I found online for caring for your succulents in today's post. 


How to make an envelope cushion, easy project for beginners

*This post is sponsored by Hickeys Homefocus

Easy cushion tutorial with Hickeys Homefocus |*AD

Today I have teamed up with the guys over at Hickeys to show you how to make an easy envelope cushion. Making an envelope cushion was my very first project when I was learning to sew. I did some evening sewing classes at my local school and I remember the excitement when my teacher Mary showed us how to make a cushion! I was a complete beginner and could barely thread my machine at the time so it really motivated me and inspired me to sew more when I completed my first project. Hands up who has a sewing machine collecting dust? From chatting to some of you ladies on Instagram I know you guys have sewing machines collecting dust, why not take them out of storage, dust them off, thread them up and have a go at making today's project. 


Feminine city break style, What I wore in Budapest

* This post is sponsored by Carraig Donn 

City break style with Carraig Donn | *Ad

This week I was off exploring the beautiful city of Budapest. I love a new city to explore and I want to look cute whilst doing so and comfort is also a priority for me as I tend to do a lot of walking on a city break. In today's post I have teamed up with Carraig Donn to talk about packing for a city break and I am going to show you the pieces I packed in my case. All of the pieces in today's post are available online at carraigdonn.com. I also have a discount code for you ladies which I will share at the end of this post. 


Budapest travel guide

Budapest "The Paris of the East"

I am just back from an amazing city break in Budapest. I spent three days in the picturesque city of Budapest and I can honestly say that it really is a hidden gem! Ever since last year, I have been seeing things popping up for Budapest, After returning home from Dubai earlier this year and having the post-holiday blues I decided to do some research and I booked a trip to Budapest. In this post, I am going to share everything from where I stayed to the cute places I explored. I also put together a Youtube travel Vlog too for you to check out as I think a video shows it in its full glory! I will leave the video at the end of the post. 


How to make a Press for champagne sign

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Make your own Press for Champagne sign 

You might have seen these cute press for champagne signs all over Pinterest but did you know there is a restaurant in London that actually has these press for champagne buttons at every table? Bob Bob Ricard in trendy Soho in London has working buttons in their restaurant, I have never been to this restaurant but I think I will pencil it in for the next time I am over in London. I decided to make my very own "Press for champagne" sign for my house. As it is coming into Summer I cannot wait to have more garden parties and I thought this would look perfect on my drinks cart and in the kitchen. This DIY is so quick and easy to do. Like my other DIY's I have put together a Youtube video for you and I will leave it at the end of this post for you to check out. 


Homeware Haul | New Kitchenware

New kitchenware

Over the past few weeks, I have been getting busy in the kitchen.  I have been learning to cook and having fun doing so. On payday, I decided to reward myself with some new pieces for the kitchen. From cooking the past few weeks I realized I needed some new posts, tea towels, and trays, so, I headed to Ikea and my local Homesense and treated myself to some new kitchenware. I will share my items below and if you scroll to the end f this post you can check out my Youtube video where I show them in more detail. 


Spring Wreath DIY

Faux flower wreath DIY

So, it is officially Spring, the clocks have changed and Easter is upon us. I was going to do an Easter wreath DIY but I wanted to make a wreath that I could keep up all Summer long. So, I decided to do a floral wreath instead. This was so easy to make and it only took me an afternoon to do. Like my other DIY's I have put together a quick video on my Youtube for you to check out and I will make sure to leave it at the bottom of this post.


DIY Personalised straw beach bag

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Taking a Primark bag and making it personal

Remember last Summer when everyone had those pretty personalised straw bags and hats? Well, I decided I wanted one for myself. When I was in Pennies (Primark) recently, I saw gorgeous straw shopper bags and straw hats. I decided I was going to have a go and try and personalise them. It was really easy to do and only took me an hour. If you are heading to festivals this year or headed for your Summer holidays and want a fun personalised bag without spending a fortune, then this DIY is for you. As with all my other DIY posts, I have put together a Youtube video which I will leave below and you can check it out.  


DIY tiled tray | Ikea Klack Hack

Easy DIY Tiled Tray 

Hi everyone, Today I am turning a €5.25 Ikea Klack tray into something a little fancier. For ages, I have been wanting to use some pretty tiles in a DIY but I was unsure how to use them. I was scrolling through a magazine and I saw a tiled tray and that gave me the idea to make one for myself. This was my first time to use tiles in a project. It was also my first time to properly use grout which was messy and fun! It was nice to use new products that I have never used before and try something different. Just like my other projects on my blog, I have put together a Youtube video so you can watch to get a better idea of how I achieved the finished look. I will make sure to link it below. 


Mother's Day easy melt and pour Rose scented soaps

Easy Mother's Day soap DIY

Hi everyone, this weekend after being snowed in for three days ( thanks, Storm Emma!) I had serious cabin fever! So, once I could get out of the house I headed straight for my local craft shop and I got topped up with some soap making supplies. You might have already seen my other soap making post from Christmas time where I used the melt and pour soaps to make some honey and Oatmeal soaps. I am using the same method today, however, I am using some Rose essential oil and some rose shaped moulds. I will list the step by step of how I make them below. 


Upholstering and painting an old chair

Recovering an old chair

I do love a good chair makeover and those of you who have followed me know that I can't resist them I have literally pulled them out of skips and I hate to see them getting dumped. Today I have a fun chair makeover to share. What is different about this one is, I recovered the seat pad with some fabric. This was my first attempt at recovering a seat pad. This chair was rescued from a charity shop and I just loved the shape of the chair. It is solid wood and I really like the shape and style of the legs. I gave it a makeover as I wanted to style it up to match the other painted pieces in my master bedroom. 


Easy DIY fabric noticeboards | no sew

Easy fabric noticeboard DIY

Today I have a really easy and fun DIY that anyone can do. I had some fabric in my stash that I love and I wanted to use it to make some noticeboards. I had a look online and I stumbled across some noticeboard DIYs on Pinterest. So, I decided to give it a try myself. The great thing about this DIY is that all you need is fabric and glue, you do not need to sew your fabric noticeboards. I used three different items in today's DIY to show you how to use different items for pin boards and brighten up your workspace. I also put together a Youtube video showing you how I achieved this look. 


Exploring old Dubai and the Souks

Old Dubai

It is very easy to get caught up in the shiny skyscrapers, man-made islands and designer shopping malls in Dubai but if you head to old Dubai you will find a place full of culture and charm. I really wanted to explore different parts of Dubai and not just the Instagrammable spots you see online. I was delighted I headed down to old Dubai and I explored the souks and even rode an Abra across the creek. I wanted to share some pics of my ramble around old Dubai and I will link my Vlog below so you can have a better look at it for yourself. 


Dubai Miracle Gardens and Butterfly Gardens

 A miracle garden in the Dubai desert

Today's post is one for the garden lovers and will make you want to run and plant Pansies on your roof! When researching places to visit in Dubai, I stumbled across a picture of a giant Emirates aeroplane on Instagram. When I delved a little deeper I discovered that this floral display was in in fact in the Dubai desert. I made sure to pop it in my itinerary for my recent trip. I have put together two Vlogs on my recent trip to Dubai where I jam-packed my trip with loads of places to explore. I will make sure to link them at the end of the post. 


Dubai | Hot air balloon in the desert

Floating in the sky

Hi everyone, I am just back from an amazing trip in Dubai. I want to share a few posts on the things I did and places I explored whilst I was there. I also put together some Vlogs too and I will make sure to link them below. Before heading to Dubai I was looking online for things to do in the desert. I really wanted to go to the desert but I didn't want to go dune bashing for fear I would puke all over the seat of the jeep! I also didn't want to ride camels so when I stumbled across hot air balloons on Instagram I got excited. I took loads of photos too which I will share in this post. 


What I learnt in my twenties, Turning thirty

Looking back on what I learnt in my twenties

I have spent the past month writing down and reflecting on the things I learnt over the past decade. I think it is good to pause, reflect and see how much you have grown. I don't like to live in the past, however, I always try and grow from situations as I believe there is a lesson to learn from every situation or person you meet, so it is nice to sit and reflect and bring what I have learnt to a new decade. I am currently celebrating turning thirty in the Dubai sunshine, a little treat to myself. Sitting looking out the window at the Arabian sunrise and reflecting and wondering if I am on the right path. So, here are my random life lessons that I learnt in my twenties and here is to more decades of growth, lessons and love. 


Valentines box frame DIY | IKEA Kasseby

Floral box frame DIY

As we are getting closer to Valentine's day I decided to make a fun and quick valentines DIY, I decided to make this floral framed love sign as a gift for one of the girls. You could make it for a friend too, it would also make a fun wedding DIY too. Recently I was in Ikea getting some items for projects. You might have seen last weeks DIY where I hacked the €3.50 Marius stool. When I was rambling around Ikea I noticed that they had some new items. I stumbled across the Kasseby display box frame. This was €15, some of you might remember my Ribba frame DIY from last year. I loved the way the Kasseby frame was wider and bigger so I popped it into my basket and brought it home for a DIY. 


Ikea Hack, DIY Fur Stool

Budget DIY Fur Stool 

For ages, I have been wanting to have a go at making a fur stool. I have seen these being made over on Youtube and Pinterest and I decided to give it a go for myself. I popped into Ikea and I picked up one of the Marius stools. I couldn't believe the value of the stool. The stool is a steal at €3.50, I had been searching on Pinterest for ideas for having the Marius stool. I decided to turn it into a fur stool for my office. Recently I was at a homeware press day, On one of the inspirational trend boards, I saw the colour pink and gold being used together. This gave me the colour inspiration for my stool. In my office, I do have a lot of gold accent colours. I was torn between copper and gold but I decided on gold. I managed to get my hands on a fantastic pink fluffy cushion too. This DIY is really easy to do. It is a perfect DIY to complete in an afternoon. 


Vlog | Harvey Norman Homeware Spring Summer 2018

Harvey Norman Spring Summer press day 2018

On Wednesday I got to go on the vintage tea bus and head down to Mount Druid with some fellow bloggers and press to have a look at the new Harvey Norman Spring Summer collection. I never really get to go on press days, however, it was my day off and when I heard we got to go on the vintage tea tour bus I jumped at the chance. Some of you might remember last year when I got to go on the vintage bus with the fancyhen.ie. I vlogged the day and shared it on my Youtube channel to give you a behind the scenes look at the day. I will also share some pictures here.  


Mini homeware haul and Decor update

Mini Haul 

Hi everyone, I have a few homeware and stationary pieces to share in today's post. The house was feeling a little bare after taking all of the Christmas decorations down so I wanted to get a few pieces to add a bit of colour back into the house. I have a few items today, from candles to faux flowers that are making the house feel more homely in January. Winter is long! and I find January and February can be a bit dreary, as we wait for Spring to arrive. I also have a Youtube video sharing today's pieces and a mini house tour of how the house is looking after Christmas. I will link to the video at the end of the post. 


Ikea Duktig play kitchen makeover

Ikea Kids Kitchen Hack

I am so excited about this weeks makeover. For a long time, I have been wanting to makeover my very own Ikea Duktig kids kitchen. However, I have no kids! So, no valid reason to go out and get the  Duktig kitchen to makeover, but, when my work buddy said she had one and it was getting out in storage I jumped at the chance to take it off her hands and give it a makeover. I had been swooning over these Ikea kitchen makeovers on Pinterest and I really wanted to do one. I decided to go for a feminine style kitchen as it will be going back to a house full of little ladies so I knew they would appreciate my pink, gold and marble combo. I have put together a Youtube video also on how I transformed my mini kitchen. I will make sure to link to the video at the bottom of this post. 


How I curl my hair, Vintage style hair tutorial using GHD

My go-to hair

I have finally gotten around to filming a hair tutorial. A few of you guys had asked me to film a video on how I achieve my vintage style curls in my hair. Just before Christmas, I got my colour done with Fiona from hairsensation.ie, I am a dreadful hair client and I only get my colour done every 12 weeks. Root spray and dry shampoo is definitely my friend. I put together a Youtube video for you guys to check out and in the video, I am answering my frequently asked hair questions. 
 I use a GHD to curl my hair and in the video, I am sharing the technique I use to achieve curls using the GHD. My best advice is to practice creating the curls with the GHD turned off and then go ahead and curl your hair once you feel a bit more confident. 
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