My top 17 from 2017

My top 17 posts from 2017

This year I have to say I write this post with pleasure, at the start of 2017 I sat down and I took a hard look at myself and where I was going. I set myself goals, personal, spiritual and professional goals. I am looking back and reflecting on my year with a lump in my throat and a happiness in my heart. Today I am sharing my top 17 posts from 2017. I wrote over 106 blog posts this year which I am very proud of. A lot of bloggers get slack for not actually blogging but I set myself a goal to have a minimum of two posts a week and I am delighted I stuck to it. The year also came with its very own angst and heartache which was kept behind the scenes. Just know that even though I put my most positive front in the world, I do have tough times too. I choose to keep them away from the blog because I aim to be positive and inspire on my platforms. I hope you have enjoyed the videos, photos and posts that I have shared this year on the blog. Please do let me know what you have enjoyed the most and would like to see more of. 


Setting good goals, the no bullshit way

How I set goals and create the life I want 

So, the title of this post might be a bit harsh, however, this time of year you will be bombarded with a lot of "new me, new year" bullshit. You will see it on the TV, Facebook timelines, and frankly, it will be hard to escape. I am a lover of setting goals and self-improvement. It was this time last year when I sat down and really took a hard look at my life and where I wanted it to go. I didn't want to be sitting around on new years eve reflecting on goals that I hadn't achieved from the previous twelve months. I wanted to be sitting proudly celebrating what I achieved. So, I took action and in today's post, I am going to share how I set goals for myself and how I achieve them. There is no set time for setting goals. Yes, January is great as it is a new year and a clean slate but if you only review your goals once a year then I am sorry but your chances of achieving them are slim. You need to be constantly reviewing your goals and your progress, not just on January 1st. 

What sets you on fire? 

Setting goals is not an easy foot. You first need to sit and write down all the things that you don't like in your life and that makes you feel dissatisfied. These can be in your career, home, relationships and finances. Dig deep and write down all of the things that you would love to change. Make the list as long as you can. When you are happy with your list, put them in priority order. So, the things that really tick you off first followed by the things that you can live with but would like to improve. 
I then start to look at the things I already have in my life and how I can improve on them. You can set goals for things that are going good in your life. For me, happiness means growth. If I am not growing and developing as a person then I start to feel a sense of dissatisfaction. Growth can be in different areas of your life, personally, emotionally, spiritually, financially and socially.

You must write it down

Get a journal, a fancy notebook, anything! But write it all down. Don't leave the thoughts up in your head. I have a dog-eared notebook that is full of my goals and ideas. Writing it down makes it easier to review. There is something powerful about a pen to paper. You might feel silly writing down your goals. I would probably die if someone stole my notebook and read all my ideas and goals but don't let that stop you from putting the pen to the paper. Another thing I highly recommend you do is to visualise! Visualise your goal and what it looks like, how it sounds, smells and feels. Break it down into your head and visualize what it looks like. Have you ever heard the phrase " If you can see it in your mind, You can hold it in your hand? You are a magnet, Whatever you are you draw to".  

Ask yourself why? 

So, your goal is to have a Range Rover, mansion and 2.4 kids! Why? Ask yourself why you want the things you are striving for. Are these things going to fulfil you in the end? At the end of the day when you die, all those superficial things you collected won't mean shit! It is the memories you make and the people you touch that matter. Your legacy. Now, don't get me wrong a Range Rover would be nice, but, dig deeper than superficial things. I have financial goals, my goal is to have an abundance of wealth so I don't have to worry about bills. I always want to have enough to live the life I want. It's not to be a millionaire. Once I have enough to pay for that thatch roof cottage and explore the world then that's all I want! lol

Take action and stop making excuses

This is where people slip and why goals don't get achieved. We live in an age where a lot of people are putting a front on social media and in life. Pretending their life is the shit when really they are sitting on their asses making excuses and not taking action and wondering why they feel unfulfilled. Listen and you will hear it on a daily basis. "I would love a house but there is none to buy, I would love a new job but I have no experience, I would love a new relationship but all the men are taken" etc etc. Go and take action. The moment I stopped making lame excuses is when I started to achieve. I bought a house by myself in a recession when there was also no houses to buy. I could have pulled out the same excuse as everyone else but instead, I made a plan and I took action. I got a savings advisor, I saved half my wage for a few years and I got it. 
Generally, when I am making excuses it is coming from a place of fear. Next time you notice an excuse popping into your head, why not challenge it? Sit with it and see if it is a genuine reason or an excuse to make you feel better. 

Break your goal down into actions. Your goal might be to lose 20 pounds. Write down how you are going to achieve it. Break it down into daily, weekly steps.  Half a pound a week and exercise 3 times a week and review my progress weekly. People mainly fail because they don't review their goal and get so consumed with the end result that they forget to celebrate the little successes on the way to achieving the big goal. So, you didn't lose 20 pounds but you lost 15. That is 15 more than if you gave up.
Maybe your goal is more spiritual or you want to find a relationship. The same principles apply. Write down all the steps you can take to achieving that goal. One of my goals for 2017 was to travel and explore more. So, I booked flights. No matter how scared I was the fear of not doing it was bigger than doing it. A simple step, I booked flights and I boarded planes. I could have made the excuse for not having people to travel with but instead, I went solo! See what I am getting at? Don't let fear and excuses put you off, challenge them and take action. If the regret and fear of not taking actions are far greater than doing it then take the leap. As cliche as is sounds. you only have one life, what are you waiting for?


Like I said at the top of this post if you only review your goals once a year then your not gonna achieve them as best you would if you reviewed them more often. You don't want that sinking feeling come December when you think of all the things you said you would achieve back in January. Some goals might only need to be reviewed monthly. Others might need to be reviewed weekly or even daily. It is up to you to define how often you need to check in with your goals. Also, enjoy the journey to achieving your goals. One of my goals is to grow a large audience on youtube, I am enjoying the weekly grind of making videos and engaging with my audience as a step to achieving this. It's the journey, not the destination. You have to enjoy putting the work in or you won't get very far.

Surround yourself with people who are hungry

Surround yourself with people who get that fire in your belly lit. People who have achieved your goal. People who are positive and inspire you. Your family or close friends may not always get your goal or why you do certain things, that is perfectly fine. I know people find it odd that I go around with a camera strapped to my hand or paint everything in sight pink. When I am feeling a little insecure or lacking drive I reach out to my fellow creators and get fired up. I realise that I am not alone and I get the fuel off their energy. Social media makes it easier to do this. Maybe you are in business? Why not go to an enterprise breakfast in your local area and meet fellow business people. You are the company you keep. Hang around with the people who are successful in your field and watch how inspired you become.

You cant drive forward looking through your rear view mirror

This is a phrase I heard a few weeks ago whilst listening to a Youtube video whilst painting my china cabinet. It was said by Tony Robbins and it was so powerful it stopped me in my tracks. It was like a penny dropping. How can you move forward and progress when you keep looking into the past. Past behaviours, past lessons and experiences can stop you moving forward if you let them. Whatever is holding you back then take some time to reflect and let it go in order to move forward.

I hope you got some inspiration from today's post. I have also put together a chatty video on goal setting over on my Youtube if you want to check it out.
What are your goals for 2018? Have you got some tips too? Please share in the comments section below.

Happy new year.
Chat soon,


Christmas Outfit Ideas

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Christmas Outfits

Are you stuck for ideas for what to wear this Christmas? Whether it is an outfit for Christmas day or if you are heading out on your days off from work, then I have a few looks today to share with you and hopefully, it will give you some ideas. I picked up these pieces this month and I decided to share them in a post for you. 


Christmas Eve Boxes, What to put inside a Christmas Eve Box

Video | Christmas Eve Box

Hi everyone, I put together a fun Youtube video talking all Christmas Eve boxes. I first started to notice the idea of a Christmas Eve box last year. I had seen some shops selling these boxes and they would say "Christmas Eve box", I also noticed handmade crafters selling personalized boxes too. This year I worked with brands over on my Instagram and both of them offered Christmas Eve boxes, so, I thought I would share a post and chat through what I include in mine and hopefully, it will give you some inspiration. Whether you are buying one for yourself a child or a friend, there is something for everyone. Christmas is definitely a costly time, so, I made sure to include some budget-friendly options in the video. 


DIY Soap, Easy melt and pour method

Handmade Soap DIY

Today I have a really fun and easy beauty DIY to share with you. For ages, I have been wanting to make some soaps. I had done some research online and watched some Youtube videos and decided I was going to give it a bash myself. I was surprised by how easy it was. When researching soap making I read a lot of posts and I decided to take the easier route and I used the melt and pour method. There is another way of making soaps which involves using a chemical called Lye. As I didn't trust myself handling chemicals I decided to pick up some melt and pour soap base off amazon. I also put together a Youtube video showing you guys how I made the soaps. Scroll below for my video. 


Christmas Decor House Tour 2017 | Video

Christmas Home Styling

It is that time of year again! Time to change up the house and make it all festive. I have put together a video over on my Youtube sharing how I decorated the house this Christmas. You can also check out last years video here too. It is mad what a difference a year makes. I picked up a few new pieces for the home this year. The biggest change this year was the addition of a second Christmas tree to my bedroom. This month I have had the pleasure of working with two brands over Chrimstas, so, I had two new tree's to work with this year. As I have space in my master bedroom I decided it would be fun to add a Christmas tree to it. 


DIY Bauble Wreath | Christmas DIY

DIY Wreath 

Today I have a really fun Christmas DIY. It is so simple that anyone can try it. It was actually my first time to attempt to make a bauble wreath and I am really pleased with how it turned out. It is a great way of reusing old baubles that you have from previous years. This year I got some new baubles, I didn't want to throw them out, so, I had a look on Pinterest for some ideas. I came across loads of people trying DIY bauble wreaths so I decided to give it a go. I reused some old baubles but I also bought some cheap ones from Primark to add to the wreath. I wanted a rose gold themed wreath so I bought some baubles in a copper/rose gold colour to add more colour to my wreath. 

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