China Cabinet DIY Using Farrow & Ball

Painted Cabinet Refresh 

A few weeks ago, the guys over at Farrow & Ball got in touch to see if I wanted to have a try at styling their new range of floral wallpapers. I love a good DIY challenge. As I am already a wallpaper addict, I had no walls left to wallpaper, so, I decided to use the wallpaper to give an old cabinet a new lease of life. In my master bedroom, I have a cabinet sitting in the corner. I had originally up-cycled it a few years ago, however, it wasn't matching my room and it was looking a little tired. I was using it as a dumping ground for fabric samples and clutter. I decided to give this cabinet a makeover and I am going to share with you how I did it in today's post. It was also lovely to paint a project in Winter as I struggle with the dark evenings. I was able to spend a few hours painting my cabinet each evening this week and I had such a sense of achievement when I finished it.


Winter Warmers

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My Winter Woollies Wishlist

It is time to wrap up as the colder weather is on the way. As the weather has been quite mild, I haven't had a chance to wrap up and get all snuggly. So, when I heard the frost was on the way and there is a chance of some snow, I jumped at the chance to pop some woolly accessories in my shopping basket. Although I am not the biggest fan of Winter, I do love wrapping up and having some fun with accessories. Whether its a pom pom hat, a chunky scarf or some fun mittens, I like to treat myself to some new accessories in Winter. As we are heading nearer December and Christmas, I like to walk to work to avoid the traffic. After working a long shift in work the last thing I want to do is sit in anxiety-inducing traffic. So, I have decided to get back walking to work and I am going to walk on the busier days and the weekends. So, I treated myself to a new set of mittens and a pom pom hat to keep my head and hands warm whilst on my walks. I also put together a list of some of my fave pieces that are in shops now that I think you ladies will love. 


Everyday makeup routine and how I cover pigmentation | Video

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My everyday makeup routine

I finally got around to filming my everyday makeup routine. I suffer from hyperpigmentation and it is one of the reasons why it has taken me so long to do a video. Baring your face and its flaws to the internet is a little bit scary but I wanted to help people who also suffer from it and I am sharing all of the products I use to camouflage it. 


Marble & Copper DIY

Using contact paper and Copper spray paint

I have a little guilty pleasure and it is marble and copper. Now, I know this is a bit cliche, another blogger loving a marble table top but, it is my guilty pleasure. I love the combination of the two together. It was also my first time to use contact paper. I have to say it was a really easy and fun DIY to do. I had an old breakfast tray table that I got in Dunnes Stores earlier in the year and I had a pet feeding table that I picked up in Tk Maxx and I was able to make matching tables for myself and Blondie.


Feeling burnt out? How I get my energy back

My tips for getting your spark back

Do you ever just feel zonked? no matter how much sleep you get you just want more? yawning throughout the day and just feeling plain MEH? Sound familiar? The past two weeks I have been feeling a little low on energy. This time of year I find I can get like this, the dark evenings, lack of sunshine and the colder days do get me down. Sometimes life just drains your energy and your left feeling zapped, whether it is work, family or relationships, life can just sometimes take its toll on you and you have to stop and listen to your body. I wanted to write this post today to share my tips on what I do when I am just running on empty and the tips I have for filling myself back up. A wise person once told me that if you have a glass of water that is full and you let everyone drink from it, soon your glass will be empty and nothing left for you. That is how I feel when it comes to my energy. I feel if I give and give and don't stop and take time for me then I do feel like I am running on empty. 

Now, before I get into sharing my tips for getting your energy back I have to say that if you are exhausted all of the time and not feeling great after a few days rest then you should see your doctor and get a check-up to make sure your general health and your mental health is in good order and there is nothing underlying that is causing you to feel low, the tips I am sharing today are what I do when life has just gotten on top of me and I need some rest and TLC. Always head to your doctor for a checkup first if you aren't feeling great, even if there is nothing wrong with you then it will put your mind at ease. I also have no experience when it comes to taking supplements or vitamins either, so, I have left out any mentions of vitamins on purpose.


Primark homeware haul | Video

Winter bedroom refresh

This week I had the pleasure of popping along to the Pennies ( Primark in the UK ) press day. This was my first time to go to the press day and we got a sneak peek into what is coming into stores for Spring Summer 2018. I was delighted when I got a gift card when I was leaving, so, I decided to head to my local Pennies in Blanchardstown and I got some homeware items to refresh my guest bedroom. I wanted to make my guest bedroom more inviting and cosy for Winter. I also put together a video on my Youtube channel so you can see how I styled it up in my bedroom and have a better look at the items I got. 


Video | Homeware haul, early festive shopping

Homeware Haul

On Sunday myself and my blogging bestie Karen from headed out on a little ramble for some new Christmas ornaments. Now, I know what your thinking! Isn't it a bit early? Yes, but all of the good decorations come out early!
 I put together a video to share my haul and what I bought with you. I think it is easier to see in a video. I also vlogged and shared the shops we visited too, but, you can skip to the 9 mins in the video to see the haul. Each Christmas time I like to treat myself to a few new ornaments to add to my collection. Instead of buying loads of crap each Christmas I prefer to spend my money and buy pieces that I can have year after year. 
We started our shopping trip in TKmaxx and Homesense in Blanchardstown, then we headed over to Liffey Valley and popped into The Range. This was my second time to visit the range and I wasn't disappointed. We headed to the garden centres next as these are great for finding decorations that you wouldn't see in the high street shops.  We popped into Newlands garden centre, Johnstown garden centre and then to The Orchard in Celbridge. So, I hope you enjoy today's video, don't forget to subscribe and you can head over to Karens Youtube to see what she bought whilst we were out. 

Let me know which piece was your fave. 
Chat soon, 

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