Autumn occasion dresses

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Autumn occasionwear

The evenings may be getting darker but what better way to brighten them up than with some gorgeous occasionwear. In October I have two events that I needed to pick up some cocktail style dresses for, I thought I would put together a post and share what I found out there when looking for occasion dresses this week. 


Painting Pumpkins and making mouldings

Autumn DIY

This week I went down to Ursula in Nook in Trim to get some paint for a pumpkin DIY that I had been wanting to try for ages. I was on the hunt to get some fake pumpkins from the likes of Dealz and the Halloween sections of the shops. I got two lantern style pumpkins from The range and two plastic ones from the Halloween shop in Liffey Valley. It is still a little early but you will be able to get more fake pumpkins in the next few weeks as it gets closer to Halloween. 
I painted some fake pumpkins, however, when I got down to Nook Ursula was painting some real ones for her Halloween shop window display. She gave me some fab tips for getting longer out of painting real ones and also gave me a demo on making your own clay mouldings. I put together a Youtube video for you to have a look at. 


Video | Tips for buying teacups and China

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My china collection

This week I made a fun video over on my Youtube channel sharing my tea set and trinket collection, I  have such fun collecting tea cups and growing my china collection. We all have our vices and mine is most definitely being addicted to buying too many tea sets and trinkets! There could be worse habits? Right?. I wanted to share a few tips for buying china, growing your collection and saving a few pennies whilst doing it too. Collecting china can be costly, especially if you are like me and a fan of collecting Royal Albert, but I have been able to save a few pennies. 


Comparison is the thief of joy

Why you should only compete with yourself

As Theodore Roosevelt once said, "Comparison is the thief of all joy", and he was most certainly right. Nowadays we have more access to peoples private lives through social media. We consume so much content in a day. We scroll through our news feeds and are bombarded with images, audio and videos. It is no wonder that we start to reflect and look at ourselves and possibly feel a little left behind, envious, sad and maybe even empty too. I too have and still do compare myself to others, It is hard not to, but, I have learned a few ways in which you can get some perspective and stop this bad habit. 


Cute collar dresses


Everything is cuter with a collar

I have a little soft spot for a dress or blouse that has an adorable collar. There is just something so smart and fun about a collar. I recently stumbled across a brand called Miss Patina, I had seen one of my fave bloggers wearing one of their dresses so I had a look on their website and fell in love with their dresses. With all brands, I am a little nervous with sizing when ordering for the first time from their website. I decided to get this adorable cat collar dress from their website. I loved the collar as it reminded me of my Blondie but I also loved how fun the cat print was in the dress too. 


Painting rusty metal garden furniture

Painting my metal bistro set


Video | Radio behind the scenes and a Homeware haul

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On the air

HI, everyone, This week over on my Youtube I have a Vlog to share with you. I am sharing a behind the scenes of my radio interview with Debbie on 92.5 Phoenix FM. I also popped to the shops after and treated myself to some new Autumn homeware pieces for the house. 


What I learnt at Youtube creator connect day

Creator connect

I love attending the Youtube creator days, If you have a Youtube channel,  make videos and have over 1k subscribers then you can apply to attend a creator day. This time they did allow creators under 1k to attend by competing in a competition that allowed them to attend. A common question I get asked when I go to these days is how do you get to go? Keep an eye in the creator studio of your youtube page and a notification will pop up and you apply to attend. Then after a few days, you will get an email back confirming if you are allowed to attend. I highly recommend going to them if you can. They cost you nothing, you learn loads, meet like-minded people and of course the free food! 


Radio interview with Debbie from 92.5 Phoenix FM

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