Mirrored spray paint, Mercury glass effect DIY

Mirror spray paint DIY

I have a really fun DIY for you today, I am testing out some Rust-oleum mirror effect spray paint and I am turning some cheap drinking glasses into expensive looking vases. I was sent a sample of the mirror effect spray earlier in the year and it has been sitting in my paint stash for ages. Whilst scrolling through Pinterest for ideas on what to use it on I Stumbled across a technique to get a Mercury effect on the glass. I noticed lately that these mercury effect pieces are really popular in peoples home decor and I have seen some in my fave homeware shops. 


DIY tyre planter

Garden DIY

This week I have been pottering in the garden and I made some DIY garden planters that I want to share with you today. I put together a video on my Youtube channel too and if you watch it to the end you will get to see a mini garden tour. I can see signs of Autumn starting to sneak into the garden, I have spotted some leaves turning orange and the last of the Summer blooms are opening. What better time to get out into the garden and brighten it up with some new planters. 


Video | Guest bedroom tour

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Room tour

Over on my Youtube channel this week I am sharing my guest bedroom decor. I know you guys are eager for a Master bedroom tour but I am waiting to get some work done in my bedroom but I am hoping for a tour in August. So, I decided to give you a decor fix and I gave a tour of my guest bedroom. I say guest but it is mainly where the cats like to sleep. This is my fave room downstairs, I just love the wallpaper. I kind of want this wallpaper in my room I just love it! My guest bedroom is in the same style of decor as the rest of my home. I have it really girly and as it is a small room I have it painted in bright colours to make it look bigger. 


Sunny Sundresses

MidSummer Print Dresses

Today I have two looks to share with you from Joanie Clothing, You might remember last month I featured them on my Instagram and blog as one of my new fave brands. Well, they have just released some new dresses and the prints are just to die for. As always with the dresses from Joanie, they are timeless. With only a few weeks left of Summer and Autumn peeping its head around the corner, you want to spend your money wisely and get your wear out of the items you buy. The two dresses I have today are perfect for now and you can pack them away for next year as they are both a classic shape and print and never go out of style.


Top tips for getting creative

Igniting that creative spark

Recently I was out on a ramble and I got to thinking about creativity and how to get some inspiration and motivation when you are stuck in a funk. Maybe you are not in a funk but you have ideas that you just need some clarity on. Today I am sharing my tips on what I do to get the creative juices flowing. Whether it is ideas for a piece I am painting or inspiration for a blog post these are some things I like to do to kickstart my brain.


Avoca Woollen Mills & Mount Usher gardens

Exploring Wicklow

Hi everyone, On bank holiday Sunday I decided to go on a ramble. I am a lover of pretty places, gardens and all things nature. I decided to ditch the drink and hangover for the bank holiday weekend and do some exploring to feed my soul. For a long time, I have wanted to go down to the Avoca woollen mills in the town of Avoca in Wicklow. The drive down wasn't as long as I expected. It took me about 50 minutes from Dublin and thankfully I didn't get lost either. It is a gorgeous drive when you exit the motor way. They don't call Wicklow the garden of Ireland for nothing, there really are some stunning views. 

When you arrive at the Avoca woollen mill you will see the gorgeous white brick buildings with the little red doors and window frames. There are a shop and a cafe but you can also wander into the Mill itself and have a walk around and see everything being made. 
I got to see a man weaving a throw, it was fascinating to see inside and all of the machinery. If you are into your crafts and weaving you will love this place. I captured as much as I could in my Youtube video of the day. My biggest tip, however, is to go during the week. During the week you can see the whole place in action. As it was a Sunday there was only one guy working but going during the week you get to see more. 

I pit stopped in the cafe and had a delicious slice of apple tart and a Mocha to keep me going. I also had a look in the shop where you can buy the pieces being made in the mill. I was tempted by a throw but I couldn't decide on a colour so I left empty handed. You would only spend roughly an hour - two hours here so plan to see other attractions on your trip too I decided to go to Mount Usher gardens on the way back to Dublin. It is only 25 mins from the Avoca woollen mills and really easy to find. 

I rely on my good aul google maps to get me everywhere. I adored Mount Usher gardens but my best tip is to get there early or during the week and I got arrived at a busy time and had to circle a bit for a parking space. Once in, it is an amazing place to explore. You have to pay into see the gardens but it is definitely worth it. I spend over an hour walking around. There is really pretty woodland trails and my favourite was walking along the river. There are lots of bridges too so you can cross over each side.  This time of year I saw loads of colourful Hydrangeas, the last of the Lupins and some beautiful roses. Unfortunately, I had a rainy day but the gardens were still stunning. I will definitely be back on a sunny day. you could spend all afternoon exploring. 

There is also some cafes and shops on the ground and another Avoca. I popped into the gorgeous Strawbridge shop. I wanted to buy everything! Shabby chic heaven but I resisted temptation and came out with a table runner. 

There are so many more places I want to explore sound here, Glendalough is near too so why not plan out your own day. Please let me know if you know of any hidden gems or gardens near me as I love to explore new ones. Leave your suggestions in the comments below. 
Thanks so much for reading, Let me know if you visit any of the places and don't forget to tag me on Instagram. 

Chat soon, 

Ikea hack | Maryd mini bar

Maryd tray table hack | Gin mini bar

Hands up, who is loving a tasty Gin this Summer? I was not always a lover of Gin, however, the past few months I have acquired a taste. It has also become really popular lately with lots of tasty recipes and different flavours on offer. I love seeing peoples Ikea bar cart hacks and I wanted to make a little Gin mini bar for myself. I decided to use the Maryd tray table as I do not have space in my home for a permanent bar cart. So, I decided to go with a piece of furniture that I could fold away when I wasn't using it and that it was easy to pull out and set up when I wanted to use it. The great thing about the tray table it that I can easily bring it to different places in the house. So, whether it is a Mojito in the living room, a cocktail in the kitchen or a Gin in the garden I can easily fold out my table and set it up. 


Transitional Autumn dresses

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August dress picks

If you have been in the shops recently you would have noticed that it is starting to look a lot like Autumn and so is the Irish weather. I hate wasting the Summer away but if you are going to be buying something new in the next few weeks you are going to want to buy pieces that will take you all the way through Autumn. I am choosing to pick warmer tones over the pastels shades when it comes to buying something new for the wardrobe. I am also starting to struggle in the mornings when deciding what to wear. I find I layer up in the morning and come lunch time I am stripping off. 


Video | Get to know me

Buying my home and Why I blog

This evening I popped a chatty "Get to know me" video on my Youtube. I wanted to make a chatty video for ages on my channel but talking to the camera is a lot harder than it looks. I have slowly been building up the confidence to film one so I took the plunge and uploaded it. I am chatting about buying my home. How I started up cycling and why I blog. I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to subscribe and thumbs up for more videos. 

Chat soon, 

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