Summer dresses from Carriag Donn

Hidden gems 

I have been a fan of Carraig Donn for a good while now so I was thrilled when they got in touch to see if I would like to pick some of my fave pieces from their new fashion collection. I would have always popped into Carraig Donn for their homeware and trinkets but I always forget to check in on their womenswear. When looking on the site it is full of hidden gems and gorgeous dresses that I hadn't seen on other websites. I have two dress looks to share with you today. 


Molton Brown Rhubarb and Rose

Rhubarb and Rose

This week I got to pop into the gorgeous Molton Brown in Dundrum shopping centre. You might have seen my Vlog and Blog post from last week in which I got to visit Diarmuid's garden in Dundrum. Well, it was Kelly from Molton Brown who gave me the heads up about Diarmuid's garden as she knew I was a huge fan. After we visited the garden she kindly let me try out a few bits from Molton Brown. 


Garden of pure imagination

Diarmuid Gavins's Garden at Dundrum shopping centre


Dipped gold legs | rescuing and old chair

Saving this little chair from the skip


Ikea desk hack, Desk DIY for under €50

 Linnmon and Lerberg Ikea desk hack

I got a new desk! I am just finishing off re-decorating my office/sewing room and I was badly in need of a new desk. I needed something that was going to be sturdy enough to sew off and something that would double up as an office desk too. I was looking at some second-hand desks and scrolling online but I couldn't find what I had in mind. I then had a look on the Ikea website for some ideas. I was also limited for space and was restricted in how big my desk could be. I stumbled across the Linnmon table top and loved that you can pick different legs to match. 
I wanted something that would pick up the new colours in my room so I decided to give my table a mini make-over so it would match my room better. 


Weekend wedding guest style

Got a two-day occasion coming up?

Nowadays I find weddings and occasions spill into the next day and end up being a two-day affair. Are you struggling to find something for both days? Well, in this post I have teamed up with the ladies over at to share two looks that are perfect for any weekend occasion. Whether it is a two-day wedding or a fancy weekend away with the girls I hope you get some inspiration from these two looks. 


Summer style in the city

City style with Laura Ashley

On my list of things I wanted to do whilst in New York was to get a proper photo with some yellow cabs in the background. To me the yellow taxi's of New York are iconic. If you watched my NYC Vlogs you will know that the weather was far from Spring-like and it was warmer in Ireland than it was in New York. I had storms, flood warnings and below normal temperatures but that didn't stop me wearing my Nautical skirt from Laura Ashley. Before my trip the ladies at Laura Ashley kindly let me pick some outfits to take on my trip. You might have seen this and the navy dress in my luggage video on my Youtube. 
I met up with the lovely Claire who took some proper blogger snaps of me in front of the Waldorf Astoria. No more tripods and self-timers for me! It was a pleasure to shoot with Claire and if your ever in NYC and need some snaps then get in touch with this lovely lady.

I fell in love with the print of this skirt. An added bonus was that it had pockets and we all know how I love an outfit with pockets. I spent my days rambling around New York with my camera in one hand and either food or my phone in the other so the pockets came in very handy. Although the weather was bad whilst on my trip it felt quite sticky and heavy. It's like the tall buildings kept in all of the air. The knitted short sleeved top kept me nice and cool but also kept away any chilly city breezes and the skirt was the perfect length for exploring but it also kept me cool. 
I spend my lunches admiring all the women in NYC, I would sit and people watch and admire all the eclectic styles of the city, From the polished ladies on fifth avenue to the cool kids of Soho I just loved seeing what everyone was wearing. Of all the styles I saw on the women in the city I just loved how effortless they looked. Like their outfits were thrown together effortlessly and looked polished. Even on the Subway, these ladies managed to make it look classy. 

The best thing about my skirt and top was that they travelled well in my suitcase. I flew with just a carry on case and travelled really light so I wanted to bring pieces that would work together with each other. One of the days I wore the knitted top with a different skirt and I was able to wear my skirt with a vest and jacket on another day. Both items survived my long haul flight with minimal creases. 
You can find my dress and top here and I got a size 10 in both of them.  
Both my top and skirt are from the coastal drive collection. 

I love that my outfit works for both home and away. I can't believe my New York adventure has come and gone. It feels like only yesterday I was booking my flight and now as I write this I am ironing a dress for work tomorrow. I also want to say thank you to everyone for their support as it was my first long haul solo travel trip and you guys were so supportive and encouraging. My goal now is to find another adventure and somewhere new to explore. 

Thanks so much for reading, Today was my first day back to work after my holiday break and it wasn't so bad after all. I need to work to pay for the next adventure lol! The question is now? Where should I explore next? 
Chat soon, 

*This is not a paid for post, however, Laura Ashley kindly let me choose an outfit from their collection and sent it to me. 


Create & Cultivate conference NYC 2017

What I learnt at Create & Cultivate NYC

Last weekend whilst I was in New York I attended the Create & Cultivate NYC Conference. The Conference was held in the Knockdown centre in Queens. The day was full of amazing speakers, stunning pop-up booths, a few cheeky cocktails and amazing women. 
I put together a Vlog of the day but I wanted to do a more wordy post telling you the tips and learns that I took from the day. I also wanted to share some pics as the displays and venue were stunning. 


The collared dress


New York | Where to explore

Where I explored and where I stayed

I recently had an amazing trip to New York. I travelled solo to go to the Creators and Cultivators conference. As I was travelling long haul I wanted to make an adventure of it so I went for four nights. I managed to squeeze in a tonne of exploring on my trip. I stayed in Midtown Manhattan and I even visited Queens and Brooklyn on my trip. 
I have put together two Vlogs about my trip if you would like to watch these over on my Youtube. 

In this post, I will go into more detail about the places I visited and share lots of pictures on my trip too.


Travelling and anxiety

Flying solo

If you had of said to me a few years ago that I would get on a long haul flight by myself I would have laughed. For years I let anxiety hold me back from going on adventures and exploring. Last year I took baby steps and flew by myself to London. Wanting to keep pushing myself I took the plunge and went long haul solo. In fact, I wrote this post whilst on my flight to New York. 
I think everyone should at least take one trip on their own at some stage in their life. When I was younger I would have laughed at the thought but as you get older you become more comfortable in your own company and enjoy meeting new people. Also as you get older friends settle down and don't always share them same passions as you but don’t let that be an excuse to not travel solo. 
Now I know people reading this with anxiety are thinking “ I could never do that”, I was and still am that person. I have a few little tips that help me get out there and I will share them today. 


Video| What's in my luggage and outfit look book

What's in my NYC luggage and my outfits

Eeek! Can you believe this week I am heading to New York, it feels like only last month I booked the flights. Those of you who have followed me for awhile know how excited and nervous I am, as I am travelling solo for this trip. 
 I put together a fun video on my Youtube to share what I am taking with me to New York this week. I love watching peoples " whats in my bag" videos so I thought I would share what's in my carry-on case. It will be my first outing with my new Trunk cases and I am so excited. 
I pack really lightly when I travel. Over the years I was an over packer and would bring way too much with me so now I plan out my outfits and stick to them. I won't be doing a tonne of shopping in New York but I have kept some space in my trunk just in case. Let me know which one of your outfits is your fave. I am hoping the weather is nice in New York as I have a trunk full of sundresses. 
Keep an eye on my Instagram, Blog and Snapchat as I will be sharing loads of snaps and Vlogs of my New York trip. I will be at the Creat Cultivate conference on Saturday so I can't wait to share what I learn. 

Chat soon,

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