@iclothing snapchat takeover.

Snapchat take over outfits 

So today I had the pleasure of taking over iclothing's Snapchat account and shared three looks. As promised here are the links and the details to each of the dresses and items. I hope you enjoyed todays takeover and you can follow my Snapchat account (username daintydiaries) if you want to see more of what I get up to on a daily basis. 
I got to pick my fave items on the website and its great to see tons of spring summer stock online as I can safely say I am done with Winter and want to add a few pieces to my Spring wardrobe. 

The dresses.


Video:How I up cycled my vintage phone to shabby chic pink.

Retro phone makeover using Rust-oleum

You may have noticed I am on a bit of a spray painting buzz at the moment. Rummaging through the shed for things to up cycle I stumbled across this old telephone. I remember buying a second hand vintage Royal Albert telephone and the chap I bought it off gave me this phone as well as he was throwing it out. It was really grubby but I seen the potential and wanted to give it a second chance. It has been sitting in my shed for ages. These retro style phones are big money if you go and buy them in the shops. 
So armed with my can of candy pink spray paint I salvaged this beauty and gave it a new lease of life. 

You can also find my other post where I spray painted some household items copper here. 
I hope you enjoy the Youtube video too and find it useful and if you have a moment I would love a cheeky subscribe to my youtube channel. 


My top tips and advice for anyone starting a blog.

How to grow your blog. 

Lately I have been getting questions about blogging and the most popular questions are. 
How to build a following? 
Where to start?

Now I wouldn't class myself as a major blogger or even in the same league as the big ones but I have a decent amount of readers and I have learnt a lot in the past three years of blogging. Over the past few months I have been getting questions from people who want to start blogging but don't know where to begin and just want some advice on it all. 

My first question I ask people to ask themselves when thinking of starting a blog is why?Do you wanna go to glam events and get blogger mail? do you wanna make a ton of money and be famous?
If these are your main reasons then these are not reasons to start a blog. Yes there can be perks but you have to put in the work and be genuinely passionate about what you are writing about.
I have seen a few blogs come and go over the years and the main reason was they were in it for the wrong reason. Genuine passion shines through and blogging is harder than it looks. You need to be passionate about what your are writing about and genuinely interested in building a community. Are you willing to stay up late drafting posts?, shooting photos and filming videos on your day off? Some don't realise how hard it is and just give up because they expected over night success. 
You have to Hustle! Some people do get lucky but the majority of us have to work our asses off for it.


Video: My living room tour.

The cosiest room in the house. 

For this weeks Youtube I decided to do a living room tour and show my tea cup collection also. I will do a full house tour in the Spring but for now as I have so many trinkets I decided to do some shorter room tour videos so I could show all of my trinkets and details in the room. 

For those of you who have followed me a long time you will know the style of decor that I love. I adore all things light, bright, floral and girlie. I love that cottage style and it makes my house look so much bigger having it so bright and airy. 

I hope you like this weeks Youtube and if there is anything specific you want to see please get in touch or comment below. 
Below are some pics of the living room for you to have a look at and don't forget to subscribe and thumbs up if you enjoyed the video. 

Chat soon,


How I painted my pine fireplace

My mantle makeover.  

My living room used to be so dull until I tackled the job of painting the fireplace. 
This was an old blog post that I have just re edited to add in some new photos. I left in the old ones for you to have a look at the before pics. This was back in the day of the camera phone pics so please be kind lol!. 

The fireplace for me was the focal point of the room so when it was the darker colour it really made the room look small and dull. It took me about two days to complete the paint job. Its over two years since I painted it and I can happily report that it is still perfect and I have had no chips or flakes. You can scroll below for how I done it. 


Parisian chic, Style Inspiration.

"You don't need to be born in Paris to have Parisian style" - Ines de la Fressange.

If you follow me on Snapchat you will know I am so excited to be visiting Paris in February. It is my first time and I am almost ashamed to say it is my first time as it is such a stunning place and the motherland of the shabby chic style that I love and I can't believe I have never been there before.  
Whilst planning my outfits I was stalking the styles of the Parisian ladies on Pinterest. They exude such elegance and class. A timeless style that looks effortless and chic. 
Today I have a few pieces to share with you from Dorothy Perkins that is Parisian inspired and will definitely be getting packed in the suitcase for my trip. 

Focus on the fit. 

 As I am heading to Paris in February it is going to be freezing! So I wanted a nice tailored coat to wear as I explore and ramble around Paris. 
I chose this petite jacket from Dorothy Perkins as it is really fitted and tailored to my smaller frame. If you are short like me you will know how hard it is to get a good fitting and smart looking jacket. This is perfect! I didn't have to shorten the arms and just like the Parisian ladies it is classy and elegant. A lot has to be said for a well fitting jacket. 


Video: Spray paint DIY using Rustoleum metallic spray paint and primer.

DIY spray paint tutorial.


The perfect transitional tea dress for January.

Feeling grey this January?

Well I know I am! Sick of the dark colours, dark nights and grey days of Winter and I want to brighten up my wardrobe and my mood. I bought this New Look dress off Asos after having a scroll for something new. 
The winning thing about this is it has sleeves! Hurrah! So my fellow bingo wing hiders this is one for us. With the post Christmas pounds still hanging around I get self conscious of my arms. Its also bloody freezing too so a sleeved dress is a perfect addition to my wardrobe. 
Perfect for petites too and I got mine in a size 10, the arms aren't too long either on me. 

You can find this dress here.

January is a tough month and if your feeling a little grey or under the weather then you are not alone. Make sure to take some time out for you this month, wether its a new dress, a facial or simply a walk somewhere pretty make sure you plan in some me time. 
Also its okay to feel a little grey as I know I struggle with the lack of sunlight this time of year. Come 4 o clock I actually just want to have a nap and I know its down to the darkness as in summer I never feel like this.
 Try if you can to still go out on a walk even on the grey days as just being out in the fresh air is a major help for lifting your mood. Sometimes I will even have a quick 20 mins tidy in the garden but it all helps. 

Have you found some cute dresses or pieces to get you into spring? Or have you any tips to share for feeling a little better in January? Tag me or leave your link below in the comments section. 

Thanks for stopping by, 
Chat soon,


The tools I use for blogging.

You're only as good as your tools.  

Wether your a newbie or an experienced blogger or just curious to see what I use for my blog from photography to my website then this is the post for you. 
Also to note that you don't need these things to be a successful blogger, for a very long time I was taking photo's off my iPhone and writing on a netbook but last year I wanted to invest as I really enjoy what I do and wanted to make better content and the iPhone camera just wasn't cutting the creative juices for me anymore. 

So I started saving up for the things I wanted, wether it was money from teddy bear and craft sales or asking for a new lens for my birthday I managed to build up and collect the tools I have today. 

( Blondie insisted on being in this shot )

Video: Chalk painted headboard using Rustoleum chalky finish furniture paint.

My headboard make over. 

Today I have a little diy video for you and a review of the Rustoleum chalky finish furniture paint. 
I have been asked a lot about my opinion on this paint and if I thought it was any good and as I had never used it before I didn't want to give an opinion on it until I tried it.  

Chalk painted headboard in rustoleum chalky finish furniture paint in the shade winter white, shabby chic makeover.

Why I blog?

Getting back to basics!

Whilst setting some goals for 2017 for my blog I had a few days to reflect. I wanted to get back to basics as I had gotten caught up in the statistics and spending more time scrolling through Instagram and Snapchating than actually writing and creating. 
I was feeling a little lost to the end of 2016 with where my blog was going and I had gotten too caught up in trying to make my side business an actual business that I got a little lost.

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