Christmas homeware gifts under €50 with Marks & Spencer #AD

Homeware gifts under €50

Heya! hands up who is getting excited for Christmas, today I have lots of fab homeware from Marks & Spencer. I got to pick some of my favourite items that I think would make the perfect Christmas gift and best of all they are all under €50 so wether its a gift for a teacher, your boss or your bestie then I think I have something here for you. 

Have a peep below at my Youtube video and scroll below for tons of pics and all the details on the prices and links to the items too.

Tea anyone?

Let me start with this amazing vintage style cake set and tea cup set. 
Both come in a set of four, the cake plates have these amazing slogans on them, my favourite is "cake conquers all", these would look fab hung onto your wall. 

The teacups come in a set of four in a gorgeous gift box, they come with a plate and saucer and come in four different pastel shades and match the plates nicely too. 

Something smelly?

I love a good smelly candle, especially the winter ones as they warm up the house and make it smell like Christmas. I have got three of my faves below. 

The pineapple one is just amazing and smells delicious, once your finishes burning it then you can use it as a quirky ornament. 
The winter berry one is my favourite scent, smells really rich and warm, perfect for when you come home from a long day at work and want to unwind and feel cosy, it literally smells like Christmas. 

My last candle is for my lovers of all things personalised, there is tons of fab items on the site that have your initial on them. Keep an eye out for the initial cup that matches the candle if your heading over to the site for a peep. 

Tea, Coffee and a baa hum pug.

These are some presents for the coffee and tea drinkers, wether its a work colleague or a friend who's always got a brew on then I am sure they will love these. 

Now I am not a coffee drinker but I loved this because of its retro look and it would look fab on the kitchen counter, its practical too as it works as a coffee bean grinder. The cutest present for the coffee lover. 

My personal fave is the teapot in a jumper! the cutest thing I have seen in ages. The pot fits one cup of tea and the knit jumper is easy to slip on and off. 

For the pug lovers I have this cute pug mug! Perfect for a grumpy pug lover as it has the Baa hum bug phrase on the front. 

Girlie trinkets.

The trinkets below are the perfect bestie present, cute trinkets to add to any space to add a touch of personality.

Garden Goddess?

My garden lovers will adore the next few items. The garden might be taking a break for now but once Christmas has gone we will be prepping the garden for Spring so what better present to give to your green fingered loved ones. 

The watering can, pot set and seed and bulb tin are my favourites, they would look fab perched on a shelf in the shed to kitchen. They have the quirkiest phrases on them too. The watering can slogan is my fave "may all your weeds turn to wildflowers".

Earlier in the year I really wanted the lady bug house but was devo when I went back and it was sold out so when I seen this one I had to have it. I am all for encouraging insects and wildlife into the garden. 

Let me know which items are your fave? Thanks so much for reading and as always you can catch me over on Instagram and Snapchat for daily posts. 

Chat soon,

**This is a sponsored collaboration with Marks & Spencer and Shopping links



  1. I think I need those cake plates to justify my obsession with cakes and treats!! Lovely post, gorge pics as usual.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Aoife! Aren't the cake plates just amazing!

  2. Really REALLY want the watering can & tin #shabbychicgoals

    1. Isn't the watering can adorable! think I'm gonna put some flowers in it instead and use it to plant instead of watering can x

  3. Tried to find these plates through the link and in store but to no avail. How disappointing! X

    1. These are now out of stock as they were from the autumn winter collection. Keep an eye on their website for something similar for soring summer 2017 x

  4. this would be lovely in my bedroom
    i recently just changed to white and this teal color! they are apsolutly lovely!


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