Classic Spring Closet London dress

Yay for spring dresses. 

Hi everyone, this is my fave time of year, When I start seeing all the bright spring collections touching down in the shops. 
I love all the bright pastel colors of spring and I couldn't resist this adorable dress from my faves Closet London. 
This pale pink dress is too cute and I love that it has 3/4 length sleeves to cover the tops of my arms. 
Its also made from a heavier stretch fabric so it holds its lovely tailored shape. 
I got a size 10 in this dress as im a bit busty and the 8 was tighter on my shoulders but there is plenty of stretch. 
These style of dresses are just so timeless and a perfect wardrobe staple. 

I think this will be adorable for Valentines day. 
You can find this dress here on

Let me know if you have found any cute spring tea dresses and leave your links below in the comments. 

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Dainty's DIY: painting skirting boards.

Dainty's DIY.

Hiya, so today I was busy painting the pine skirting boards in the living room so I decided to do a diy how to blog post as one of the most common questions I get asked is how to paint wood from dark to light. 
You might of seen in the previous post that I am gonna give my living room a freshen up for spring and one of the jobs was to paint the wood work.


Spring room makeover inspiration.

Beating the January blues.

Hi guys, so all the decorations are down and the room is looking bigger and a little bare but to be honest although I love the Christmas tree I am glad the clutter is gone. 
January can be a tough month, personally I love it as spring is around the corner but it can be a long month, so to lift my mood and keep me busy I am going to give the living room a little makeover. 

Now my current wallpaper is only up about a year and a half and I do love it but I fancy a change and want a bit of color in the room. 
I also picked up the autumn Laura Ashley catalogue and just adored this cyclamen wallpaper, I loved it even more every time I seen their shopping bags over Christmas that had this print. 

Now as my room is already neutral all I have to do is buy two rolls of wallpaper and one meter of the fabric, I will make matching cushions out of the fabric and use the wallpaper scraps to put into the frames. 
I am also going to finally paint the orange pine skirting and window sill. 


Billie and blossom Spring tea dress.

Vintage style tea dress. 

Hope you all had a lovely new years and have fully recovered from the festive fun. Today I have a cute tea dress to share with you from Bille and Blossom from

Now I know I am getting a head of myself with styling it for spring but it is now January which means only one more month until spring, my fave time of year. 
I got so excited when I seen this adorable tea dress and think it will be a work staple in Summer. For now it is still perfect for winter and I will team it with ankle boots and tights. 

This dress is a steal at 32 euro, I got a size 10 in this as found it tighter on the aul boobies so busty ladies try before you buy. 
You can shop this dress here at

I love seeing all the new spring clothes coming into the shops, let me know your fave shops and collections that you notice coming in. Tag me over on Instagram or feel free to share some links to cute dresses you find in the comments section. 

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Sentimental sewing.

Sentimental keepsakes. 

I was recently asked to make a cushion and a bear made from a shirt that belonged to the ladies dad. I learned to sew teddy bears in my autumn term of sewing classes and love making them. 
Even though I was quite nervous to cut up a loved ones belonging I knew how lovely it would turn out once finished. 

I to lost my dad to bowel cancer in July 2008 and it was quite sudden how it all happened.
I know that the one thing you want when you lose someone is to just hold them one more time. 
Over Christmas I had the pleasure of making them for friends and family, there is a story that comes with every shirt and seeing peoples faces when they get them is really moving and special. 

I made my little brother a bear from my dads fleece, my dad never really wore a shirt unless he had to so it was more sentimental for me to sew his fleece. This was my first time to sew using this type of fabric but thankfully it turned out, this blue fleece was something my dad always wore and we even have a picture of him with the dog in his fave fleece, sewing the fabric I noticed the wear marks and the singe marks on the sleeve from him lighting the fire. It brought back a lot of lovely memories.
Although I found it really emotional to make I am so glad that I did as my little brother was delighted with the bear as he was only 14 when my dad passed away so finds it a comfort to have. 

I will be taking orders in January for the bears and the cushions and for pricing details click here on the Designs by Dainty shop link.
As I work full time I will only take on two orders a week as each bear can take up to 3 hours to make and I take my time as the fabric I use is extra special and I don't want to make any mistakes. 
I would love to be able to make more bears for everyone but with work I have to try and fit in my sewing so have to limit my orders.

Have a peep below at the pics of some of the bears and cushions I have made so far. All of the ones below were made and given to people over Christmas and I was so overwhelmed with the messages I received back from people, it was so sweet.

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My handmade teddy bear. 

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