My week in pics.

Hey everyone.

I posted a lot of dresses and shabby chic items on Instagram this week and wanted to share the links to these items as a lot of people asking were I got them. 

Finally spring stock is touching down in the shops and the dress drought is coming to an end! 

I'm heading to London this weekend and picked up some cute items to bring with me. 

The first is this adorable playsuit from river island.


Happy new year!

Hello everyone.

Now that the madness of all the festivities is over we can all get back to normal. 

January can get a lot of people down but I personally love it as it means it's a fresh start to a new year and it means we are closer to spring and summer dresses! 

What I have planned for 2015 so far?

I don't make New Years resolutions but I do set myself some goals. 
This year I want to learn how to use a sewing machine and learn to make things like cushions and small crafty items. 
I love furniture upcycling but sometimes it's harder to sell larger furniture items and I think i will have better luck with little shabby chic trinkets. 

I have signed up for a sewing evening class in my local school and that will start in February so il share how I am getting on with you. 

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