Shabby and chic

 I have a little obsession with cute shabby chic bits for the home and since I bought my first home just before Christmas I thought I'd share mini home posts whenever I pick up little bits for my home. 
Everything I pick up is generally on a budget but I'm finding a lot of cute shabby chic items in the likes of dunnes and heatons. 

I got his little house from heatons for €15 and have it at the moment on my mantle piece. The jars inside are actually yogurt pots and I just cleaned them and put a rose that fell off inside some water.

These little lavender love hearts are from dunnes and only €5! So I have them hanging on doors to add a bit of colour to my hallway. 

I picked up this tea cup lamp in argos just before Christmas but it is out of stock now as it went into sale but I did pick up a new shade for it to make it more shabby chic. This shade is from dunnes and was €12.

Now I couldn't go to dunnes and not pick up some tea cups! 
I couldn't resist and even though payday is not for a few days I bought these little tea cups out of my last few pennies. 
These are €12 each but look so vintage. 
I got two but they have two more colours which il pick up next time I am in. They also have a matching cake stand. 

Then I had my candle fix in ikea.
I generally don't get much in ikea bit always come out with scented candles and fake flowers.
I picked up this cream rose pot for only €6.50 and was thinking that it could also be used as a bin or even make up storage. 

Plant is also fake! Trying to keep my one plant alive before I commit to more real plants lol!


Lavish Alice dress

Happy Monday! 

Just a quick blog post as I got a dress I ordered off in today's post.
I have a soft spot for collars so when I seen this I fell in love especially the spring colour.  
It's a flattering skater fit which suits my shape as it's nipped in waist and then flares out over hips. 
I did however find it to me a smaller fitting 8 so if your busty I would go up a size! 

Link to dress below!


Tea cup love

So today I couldnt help but pick up a few new teacups!

I recently purchased my first home and have become obsessed with vintage style decor and shabby chic furnishings.
These tea cups were from dunnes stores and from there new spring summer collection.
They have gorgeous Parisian style home items and you can really find something to show your personality.

I'm not a huge ikea fan as I find a lot of items are plain and I like things that look like you've picked them up in a market or vintage shop.

These tea cups were €8 for the cup and saucer and normal mugs were €4.
It's nice to have a fancy tea set for when someone comes over and makes you feel like your five again playing with your tea set. 


New handbag love!

Good morning.
I got two fabulous bags off my good friend Michelle for my birthday and I just had to share.
In my previous post on river island I had the floral one on my wish list and poooof my wish came true!!

I just love bright colours as they lift my mood and stand out.
Especially if your out shopping, I find everyone looks like a sea of grey,navy and black in the winter so if you've a pop of colour you can really stand out.

The satchel one is perfect with a blazer too as smart looking.
Both bags are from river island but Michelle purchased them from asos and both bags are still in stock.

I will post outfit pics soon to show how I styled them! 

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