Christmas decor in dainty's

Hi everyone!

It's that time of year again, Christmas is really busy for me as I work in retail so my days are super busy but I wanted to share a few pics of my Christmas decor with you. 

This year is my first proper year in my new home so I treated myself to some new decorations. 

I generally have a red and gold theme and try and warm up the rooms to make them extra cosy. 
I also like to shop locally and got these cable knit socks from a local crafter. 


Dainty's diner.... A progress update.

Hi everyone.

So this is what I have been getting up to this week. 
The kitchen really is the heart of the home and a room were I spend a lot of time (not cooking) lol. 
So mine is not as cosy as I would like so I am transforming it. 
The table set is my first start and then I am going to be painting my cabinets and fingers crossed I will have a shabby chic country kitchen, 


Dainty's decoupage

Hi everyone!

So a little post on this mirror I recently made. 
I posted this picture on Instagram and a few of you ladies asked how I made it so I decided to do a quick blog post. 


Daintys rescued chairs!

Hi everyone.

Today I am going to share with you how I saved these two chairs from becoming fire wood, or worse still they could of ended up in a Halloween bonfire. 


Shabby chic manor

Hi everyone. 

I just wanted to share what I have been up to lately as I have been a little quiet on my blog. 

I have been working hard to transform my home into a shabby chic manor and have some pictures to share with you. 

One of the big things that I have done recently is change all my Pine woodwork to cream. 

One of the easiest was to make a space look bigger is to paint it in a bright light shade. 

I used the autentico superior eggshell paint in neutral for skirts and surrounds and I painted two doors in a warm grey shade called dolphin. 

Here is some before pics. 

The autentico superior eggshell is very easy to work with. 

If you fancy tackling this job here is a quick summary of what you need to do. 

- clean surfaces with sugar soap. 
- lightly sand to get better adhesion.
- prime the knots in the pine wood. I primed the whole door. 
- two coats of the colour paint. 
- relax and have a glass of wine. 

This paint is an eggshell hard wearing paint so no need to varnish. 
It took my 4 full days to do 5 doors and surrounds. 

I recently discovered how to make my own chalk paint recently and done a little job on this chair that I rescued from becoming fire wood. 

It only cost me a few euro to make this chair. 
The fabric is a cushion I got in pennies for €5.
I staple gunned down and used the gingham trim to hide my staples. 

Here is the recipe for the chalk paint. 
I used plaster of Paris but there is other recipes. 

I got a kilo bag of plaster of Paris for €3.50 in local craft shop and mixed it some crown wall paint in antique cream. 

Thanks for reading! 

My next mission is to paint my kitchen in a light grey shade and transform that room to match the tests of the house. 
It's a big job but I think I can tackle it and il save loads of money compared to buying a new kitchen. 

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Chat soon. 

French chic on the cheap

Hi everyone. 

Ever fancied living in a french palace but just can't afford it? 
Well I am going to share how I completely transformed a room including the furniture for less than €200 (even cheaper of you don't use expensive wallpaper).

I unfortunately was not the winner of the euro millions on Friday but I still managed to make an expensive looking room for next to nothing. 

So were did I start? 

I made a mood board! 
Yes if you haven't a clue were to start do a mood board. 
Flick through loads of magazines and pull everything you like and you'll end up with a vision which you can build upon. 
Mine is quite fussy but I loved too much in the magazines and went overboard. 

I am doing a guest bedroom that looks onto the garden so my colours are cream, green and then gold. 

Before pic.

Pine, Pine and more pine! 
So were I saved the bulk of the money was from hand painting my pine furniture cream.
If you were to go out and buy a brand new set of cream shabby chic furniture you could spend up to €1k in a furniture shop. 

This was painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint in the shade original. 
I then waxed it by hand but for a large piece like this I would reccomend a varnish. 
I reccomend ronseal clear Matt water based varnish. 
It must be water based so as not to yellow or discolour your piece. 

I done a piece a day. I get one day off during the week so I done a piece on my day off but if you had a week off you could completely transform your room quicker. 

When painting items light cream or white they need more coats than if you were doing a grey or darker shade. 
I done three good coats on each piece then lightly distressed the edges with the lightest grade sandpaper. 

Prep and finish.

To prep I clean each item with sugar soap. 
This can be bought in any of the hardware stores and is reasonably cheap. 
This removes any oils or residues from your piece.
Then you paint. 
To finish your piece you need to seal.
You have two options. Wax or varnish. 
On smaller pieces I like wax. It's hard work but I like the feel. 
On larger or hard wearing items I varnish.

I painted all 3 pieces with a one litre tin that cost €27. 
A tin of wax is around €12 or varnish is around €10 for a small tin. 

Now the bed I painted in autentico superior eggshell paint in shade neutral.

The reason I chose this for bed is because it's more hard wearing and no need to wax or varnish. 

One litre of this paint is €40 but I only used 1/3 of the tin on this bed. 

I gave this bed three coats and prepped it with cleaning it with sugar soap. 
This was hard work as you are on your knees painting and I had pins and needles and a numb bum painting this one. 

The wallpaper.

This is were I splurged. 
I'm almost embarrassed to say how much it cost but I justified it because I saved so much and worked so hard on painting the furniture. 

Okay here goes, one roll cost €69, holy god. 
It's from b&q and I have been wanting it since start of the year and couldn't find a better wallpaper. 

The accessories. 

Now I was thrifty also with the finishes and I also did a diy job on this ikea mirror. 

This mirror was I think €30 but it was black and just wasn't fabulous enough. 
I painted it in the autentico paint and have it 3 coats. 
With an old make up brush I dry brushed some gold paint to give it and antique look. 

A little trick! 

I am going to hang this on the wall (waiting on the man to come home and hang it) and have it facing the feature wall so it reflects in the mirror almost looking like its a picture. 

The chandelier. 
This was €28 from Harry correy and it is a lampshade. This room is a smaller room so a big fancy lightfitting would sit out of place. Also as its a shade it's simply to put up were a lightfitting you need someone with electrical know how to fit it for you. 
If you do fancy a chandelier you can get fabulous ones in second hand shops and on second hand sites. 

Frame your pictures. 
If you love an expensive wallpaper but can't afford it then another idea is to get a sample and use it in picture frames. 
These dunnes picture frames are €4 each.  

My total cost. 
Annie Sloan paint €27
Autentico eggshell paint €40
Wax and varnish €24 (loads left in pots)
Wallpaper one roll €69 
Light shade €28
Ikea mirror €30
Elbow grease €priceless.
Total €218.

Please let me know if this post has inspired you to do a little diy and tag me in all you pictures over on Instagram.

My next mission is to transform my upstairs master bedroom so il keep you posted. 

Thanks for reading. 


My perfectly imperfect pigmentation

Hi everyone.

Today I am sharing a more personal post about my makeup routine and how I cover my large areas of discolouration and hyper pigmentation. 


Part 2 champagne taste on a beer budget!

Hi everyone!

So I finally had a day off to paint this TV stand that I picked up at a steal for €20! It was sitting in my kitchen staring at me as iv been kept busy with work but I made the time to get this piece finished.


Champagne taste on a beer budget?

Hi everyone! 

So I'm going to do a post on being thrifty! Iv been doing a bit of up cycling recently on some items of furniture and just want to share some ideas on how the have and make fabulous expensive looking pieces but in a shoe string budget.

Firstly I just want to apologise for not having more consistent blog posts, iv had a few changes in work so have been quite busy the last two weeks but I will vow to do more posts even if there just short and sweet. 
I will start to do some ootd posts too! 

So the reason why I started to up style furniture is because after buying my first house I seen all these fabulous French furniture pieces in the shops but unfortunately the price tags weren't anywhere near my budget but I still wanted pieces that looked fab and not to waste money on items I didn't really want.

In my older blog post on the interior workshop I attended is where I got the idea to paint furniture. I was introduced to the fabulous Annie Sloan chalk paint! 
So one rare Saturday that I had off I headed into town and picked up a tin for €27 from a shop called the find on Cows lane in Dublin City centre.


Shabby chic workshop

Last night I went to one of the basic interior design workshops by collettes creations. Link to collettes Facebook page below.

We'll it really got the creative juices flowing and had so much fun at the workshop.
It was basically a crash course on interior styling and as I recently bought a house I'm stuck for trying to figure out what styles I like and basically were to start.
So i left with a fabulous mood board and some direction! 
Collette shared all the little tricks on picking and matching colours and for making rooms look bigger and getting the most out of your space. 

The workshop was out in picturesque Glenealy in co Wicklow at collettes fabulous house which I will share pictures below. 

As soon as you enter the house your met by the most beautiful chez lounge and a warm and cosy homely feeling. 


Vintage fair

So earlier on today I decided to head to the vintage fashion and decor fair out in the royal marine hotel in Dun Laoghaire. 
I love vintage ladies and I also adore the old style shabby chic home items and I knew I would find some fabulous tea cups so I decided to head along. 

I have never been to the royal marine hotel but it's a beautiful hotel and perfect location for the fair. 


Shabby and chic

 I have a little obsession with cute shabby chic bits for the home and since I bought my first home just before Christmas I thought I'd share mini home posts whenever I pick up little bits for my home. 
Everything I pick up is generally on a budget but I'm finding a lot of cute shabby chic items in the likes of dunnes and heatons. 

I got his little house from heatons for €15 and have it at the moment on my mantle piece. The jars inside are actually yogurt pots and I just cleaned them and put a rose that fell off inside some water.

These little lavender love hearts are from dunnes and only €5! So I have them hanging on doors to add a bit of colour to my hallway. 

I picked up this tea cup lamp in argos just before Christmas but it is out of stock now as it went into sale but I did pick up a new shade for it to make it more shabby chic. This shade is from dunnes and was €12.

Now I couldn't go to dunnes and not pick up some tea cups! 
I couldn't resist and even though payday is not for a few days I bought these little tea cups out of my last few pennies. 
These are €12 each but look so vintage. 
I got two but they have two more colours which il pick up next time I am in. They also have a matching cake stand. 

Then I had my candle fix in ikea.
I generally don't get much in ikea bit always come out with scented candles and fake flowers.
I picked up this cream rose pot for only €6.50 and was thinking that it could also be used as a bin or even make up storage. 

Plant is also fake! Trying to keep my one plant alive before I commit to more real plants lol!


Lavish Alice dress

Happy Monday! 

Just a quick blog post as I got a dress I ordered off in today's post.
I have a soft spot for collars so when I seen this I fell in love especially the spring colour.  
It's a flattering skater fit which suits my shape as it's nipped in waist and then flares out over hips. 
I did however find it to me a smaller fitting 8 so if your busty I would go up a size! 

Link to dress below!


Tea cup love

So today I couldnt help but pick up a few new teacups!

I recently purchased my first home and have become obsessed with vintage style decor and shabby chic furnishings.
These tea cups were from dunnes stores and from there new spring summer collection.
They have gorgeous Parisian style home items and you can really find something to show your personality.

I'm not a huge ikea fan as I find a lot of items are plain and I like things that look like you've picked them up in a market or vintage shop.

These tea cups were €8 for the cup and saucer and normal mugs were €4.
It's nice to have a fancy tea set for when someone comes over and makes you feel like your five again playing with your tea set. 


New handbag love!

Good morning.
I got two fabulous bags off my good friend Michelle for my birthday and I just had to share.
In my previous post on river island I had the floral one on my wish list and poooof my wish came true!!

I just love bright colours as they lift my mood and stand out.
Especially if your out shopping, I find everyone looks like a sea of grey,navy and black in the winter so if you've a pop of colour you can really stand out.

The satchel one is perfect with a blazer too as smart looking.
Both bags are from river island but Michelle purchased them from asos and both bags are still in stock.

I will post outfit pics soon to show how I styled them! 


What I wore.

Just a quick post on what I wore last weekend to a wedding.
As I was a plus one guest I didn't want to be too over the top and wear something that looked like a wannabe bridesmaid dress.

I picked this pencil dress from asos which had a peplum which was an added bonus after dinner as it hid any bloat.
I have a love of pencil dresses as they can turn any shape into an hourglass one and flaunt your curves.
You also feel like a Hollywood movie star too!!

I teamed it with some red lippy from inglot and also topped it up with a red gloss from Estea Lauder.

Asos collar dress

I'm obsessed with collars and I couldn't resist this dress.

It's also still available and on sale! But only a few sizes left.


My first blog post

River island spring'14 collection.

Hi everyone,

So this is my first proper blog post, I am going to aim for two or three posts a week and share all of the cute dresses that I stumble upon.

I am a high street shopper so will be sharing any bargains I come across too.

Don't forget to follow on instagram - thedaintydressdiaries were I post random pics of all things girly and of course some outfit inspo too.

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