Garden of pure imagination

Diarmuid Gavins's Garden at Dundrum shopping centre


Dipped gold legs | rescuing and old chair

Saving this little chair from the skip


Ikea desk hack, Desk DIY for under €50

 Linnmon and Lerberg Ikea desk hack

I got a new desk! I am just finishing off re-decorating my office/sewing room and I was badly in need of a new desk. I needed something that was going to be sturdy enough to sew off and something that would double up as an office desk too. I was looking at some second-hand desks and scrolling online but I couldn't find what I had in mind. I then had a look on the Ikea website for some ideas. I was also limited for space and was restricted in how big my desk could be. I stumbled across the Linnmon table top and loved that you can pick different legs to match. 
I wanted something that would pick up the new colours in my room so I decided to give my table a mini make-over so it would match my room better. 


Weekend wedding guest style

Got a two-day occasion coming up?

Nowadays I find weddings and occasions spill into the next day and end up being a two-day affair. Are you struggling to find something for both days? Well, in this post I have teamed up with the ladies over at to share two looks that are perfect for any weekend occasion. Whether it is a two-day wedding or a fancy weekend away with the girls I hope you get some inspiration from these two looks. 


Summer style in the city

City style with Laura Ashley

On my list of things I wanted to do whilst in New York was to get a proper photo with some yellow cabs in the background. To me the yellow taxi's of New York are iconic. If you watched my NYC Vlogs you will know that the weather was far from Spring-like and it was warmer in Ireland than it was in New York. I had storms, flood warnings and below normal temperatures but that didn't stop me wearing my Nautical skirt from Laura Ashley. Before my trip the ladies at Laura Ashley kindly let me pick some outfits to take on my trip. You might have seen this and the navy dress in my luggage video on my Youtube. 
I met up with the lovely Claire who took some proper blogger snaps of me in front of the Waldorf Astoria. No more tripods and self-timers for me! It was a pleasure to shoot with Claire and if your ever in NYC and need some snaps then get in touch with this lovely lady.

I fell in love with the print of this skirt. An added bonus was that it had pockets and we all know how I love an outfit with pockets. I spent my days rambling around New York with my camera in one hand and either food or my phone in the other so the pockets came in very handy. Although the weather was bad whilst on my trip it felt quite sticky and heavy. It's like the tall buildings kept in all of the air. The knitted short sleeved top kept me nice and cool but also kept away any chilly city breezes and the skirt was the perfect length for exploring but it also kept me cool. 
I spend my lunches admiring all the women in NYC, I would sit and people watch and admire all the eclectic styles of the city, From the polished ladies on fifth avenue to the cool kids of Soho I just loved seeing what everyone was wearing. Of all the styles I saw on the women in the city I just loved how effortless they looked. Like their outfits were thrown together effortlessly and looked polished. Even on the Subway, these ladies managed to make it look classy. 

The best thing about my skirt and top was that they travelled well in my suitcase. I flew with just a carry on case and travelled really light so I wanted to bring pieces that would work together with each other. One of the days I wore the knitted top with a different skirt and I was able to wear my skirt with a vest and jacket on another day. Both items survived my long haul flight with minimal creases. 
You can find my dress and top here and I got a size 10 in both of them.  
Both my top and skirt are from the coastal drive collection. 

I love that my outfit works for both home and away. I can't believe my New York adventure has come and gone. It feels like only yesterday I was booking my flight and now as I write this I am ironing a dress for work tomorrow. I also want to say thank you to everyone for their support as it was my first long haul solo travel trip and you guys were so supportive and encouraging. My goal now is to find another adventure and somewhere new to explore. 

Thanks so much for reading, Today was my first day back to work after my holiday break and it wasn't so bad after all. I need to work to pay for the next adventure lol! The question is now? Where should I explore next? 
Chat soon, 

*This is not a paid for post, however, Laura Ashley kindly let me choose an outfit from their collection and sent it to me. 


Create & Cultivate conference NYC 2017

What I learnt at Create & Cultivate NYC

Last weekend whilst I was in New York I attended the Create & Cultivate NYC Conference. The Conference was held in the Knockdown centre in Queens. The day was full of amazing speakers, stunning pop-up booths, a few cheeky cocktails and amazing women. 
I put together a Vlog of the day but I wanted to do a more wordy post telling you the tips and learns that I took from the day. I also wanted to share some pics as the displays and venue were stunning. 


The collared dress


New York | Where to explore

Where I explored and where I stayed

I recently had an amazing trip to New York. I travelled solo to go to the Creators and Cultivators conference. As I was travelling long haul I wanted to make an adventure of it so I went for four nights. I managed to squeeze in a tonne of exploring on my trip. I stayed in Midtown Manhattan and I even visited Queens and Brooklyn on my trip. 
I have put together two Vlogs about my trip if you would like to watch these over on my Youtube. 

In this post, I will go into more detail about the places I visited and share lots of pictures on my trip too.


Travelling and anxiety

Flying solo

If you had of said to me a few years ago that I would get on a long haul flight by myself I would have laughed. For years I let anxiety hold me back from going on adventures and exploring. Last year I took baby steps and flew by myself to London. Wanting to keep pushing myself I took the plunge and went long haul solo. In fact, I wrote this post whilst on my flight to New York. 
I think everyone should at least take one trip on their own at some stage in their life. When I was younger I would have laughed at the thought but as you get older you become more comfortable in your own company and enjoy meeting new people. Also as you get older friends settle down and don't always share them same passions as you but don’t let that be an excuse to not travel solo. 
Now I know people reading this with anxiety are thinking “ I could never do that”, I was and still am that person. I have a few little tips that help me get out there and I will share them today. 


Video| What's in my luggage and outfit look book

What's in my NYC luggage and my outfits

Eeek! Can you believe this week I am heading to New York, it feels like only last month I booked the flights. Those of you who have followed me for awhile know how excited and nervous I am, as I am travelling solo for this trip. 
 I put together a fun video on my Youtube to share what I am taking with me to New York this week. I love watching peoples " whats in my bag" videos so I thought I would share what's in my carry-on case. It will be my first outing with my new Trunk cases and I am so excited. 
I pack really lightly when I travel. Over the years I was an over packer and would bring way too much with me so now I plan out my outfits and stick to them. I won't be doing a tonne of shopping in New York but I have kept some space in my trunk just in case. Let me know which one of your outfits is your fave. I am hoping the weather is nice in New York as I have a trunk full of sundresses. 
Keep an eye on my Instagram, Blog and Snapchat as I will be sharing loads of snaps and Vlogs of my New York trip. I will be at the Creat Cultivate conference on Saturday so I can't wait to share what I learn. 

Chat soon,


Peculiar afternoon tea at The Westin

Afternoon tea with a fun twist

Last week I and the ladies had a fun afternoon tea in The Westin in Dublin. As you know I love visiting somewhere new for a treat and I love going places that are pretty as it gives me inspiration. For this afternoon tea, we decided to go for the "Peculiar" options. This was amazing. We had Hendricks gin mojitos served in our teapots. The food was delicious and it wasn't your usual triangle sandwiches. 
I also put together a little Vlog too for you to have a look. 


The perfect summer occasion dress

Chi Chi Corinne Bardot dress

Got a day at the races planned? Maybe a Summer wedding coming up or a big party? I have a gorgeous little dress from Chi Chi London to share with you today. It can be so hard trying to find the perfect dress for an occasion. Summer is packed with ladies days, weddings and parties and I am always on the look out for a cute dress. The guys over at Chi Chi London let me choose my pick of the occasion dresses to share with you today.


Video| Painting outdoor furniture using Authentic outdoor paint

Autentico Versante Matt | Outdoor paint

This is my favourite time of year. The days are finally getting longer and I can paint some pieces out in the garden after work. Around April and May time, I try and get out into the garden and give it a cleanup and a freshen up. I treat my garden like it is another room in my house, so I like to use colours that will brighten up my garden and enhance it. 


How to grow your Instagram followers organically.

Organically and ethically grow your Instagram followers

There has been a lot going on with Instagram at the moment. From algorithm changes to fake follower buying scandals, there has been a bit of an uproar recently. Instagram is still one of my favourite platforms to use. However, I have noticed a rise in spam accounts and spammy tactics from some larger accounts to gain a following. It is also a little harder for your post to be seen.
It has taken me a long time to build a following and a question I get asked a lot is how to get more followers. I use Instagram as a platform to distribute content from my blog. I also love taking and sharing pretty photos. I don't have a massive following in comparison to larger accounts but I have got some tips I have learned along the way that I can share to help you build your following.


My new trunk luggage

Old school steamer trunk luggage

This week I treated myself to some new luggage as a little treat for my upcoming New york trip. I am starting to get really nervous and excited for the trip. If you follow me on Snapchat you will know I recently tried a few Aldi shops trying to get their cabin luggage last week that was similar to the Ted Baker luggage. I wasn't able to get my hands on their cabin bag but I got these instead which I think they suit me better. 


Video | How to make fabric bunting

How I sew bunting

Today I am sharing how I make bunting in a DIY video. I have an order of 12 metres of bunting for a customer so, I decided to share how I make my bunting. There are loads of ways in which you can make bunting but today I will share how I make mine. 
Fabric bunting is great as it is really durable and can be taken out for parties or used for decoration in the home, you can also throw it in the washing machine if it gets dirty too.


Video | Ikea hack, How to make a shadow box/box frame

DIY Shadowbox frame


Vesper247 New season collection, occasion dresses.


I have two stunning occasion dresses today from the guys over at Vesper247. My motto is " buy the dress and the occasion will follow", However, lately I have been coming across the most stunning occasion dresses and I definitely need to plan more nights out so I get to wear them all. The guys over at Vesper247 let me pick out two of my fave dresses from the new collection and I picked these two show stoppers. 

The red lace bodycon Bethany dress

Little black dress? No! Little red dress. Every lady needs a red dress in her wardrobe to pull out when she needs to look her best. I adore this one because it is a winner for flattering curves. It has 3/4 sleeve detail so hides the tops of the arms and it has a gorgeous bow detail on the front. Plenty of stretch too and I am wearing mine in a size 10 and you can find it here. It also goes to the knee giving it a ladylike length. 


What I learned at Youtube creator connect day.

Creator Connect

On Saturday last week, I got to go to my first Youtube event. I got to go to the Google HQ in Dublin city and I went to The Foundry, an innovation centre beside the Google headquarters, to take part in a roundtable discussion group. This was kind of a big deal for me as I get really anxious at meetings and going to new places. To go somewhere that I had never met anyone and also participate in a discussion group was a big deal for me. So wanting to push my comfort zone I signed up to go to the event. 
I wanted to share what I learned at the day. I hope this post will be helpful for anyone who, like me has started a Youtube or if you are thinking of starting one. Even if you are a more experienced Youtuber you might find some of the tips refreshes what you already know. 


Secret botanics from Chi Chi

Chi Chi Christa dress

The ladies over at Chi Chi London sent me a stunning dress from their new collection secret botanics. You might have also seen the dress I shared last week on my Instagram. I am a big fan of the Chi Chi dresses as they look really expensive but most of them are less than £100. The one I have today is only £65 but I feel it looks way more expensive. Chi Chi are my go-to brand whenever I have a fun event or occasion happening. 

A question I get asked a lot with these dresses is how do they fit? All of the Chi Chi dresses I own are in a size 10. The fabric is really stiff and has no stretch so if you are between sizes then get the larger. I am busty too but I find they are good on the chest and not too tight. 

The dress I am sharing today is the Christa dress. I just adore the ladylike off shoulder shape. I love this shape as the off shoulder detail covers the tops of your arms and attracts your eye to your chest. This dress also comes in yellow which would be perfect for Easter occasions. If you have a wedding coming up then this would be fab! I chose this dress because of the gorgeous floral pattern. I just love the colours, especially coming into summer. 
Now I just need an occasion to wear my dress, I am thinking of wearing mine over Easter for the races. I think it would be the perfect ladies day dress. 

Thanks so much for stopping by, 
Chat soon, 


Afternoon tea in Ladurée Dublin

Tea for two

One of my goals for this year is to visit more pretty places and take more days off. So this week Camille and I went to Ladurée in Dublin to have afternoon tea. We got one of those deals off that we had seen on Facebook. It was a €45 for two people deal which included bubbles. We were delighted with this, so we planned it before payday when we knew we wouldn't have much money left but still could have a treat. 


Spring workwear look

Feeling pretty in a pencil dress

It can be so hard to find nice dresses for work. Thankfully I get to wear my tea dresses to work and I don't have to follow a strict formal code but I do like a good tailored dress, especially when I want to look smart. Workwear doesn't have to be a trouser suit either, a midi style dress like the one I am sharing today can be the perfect addition to your workwear wardobe. 
You might have seen me wearing this dress during the week on my Snapchat, I wore it to afternoon tea and felt ever to sophisticated and such a lady in it too. 
You can find my dress here.
I am also loving handbags that have a cross shoulder strap. I treated myself to a new one in brighter colours for Spring. I love these tote style bags as they fit my camera perfectly. Making it the perfect bag for exploring. I will be travelling to New York soon so this will be a great bag for exploring. 

Thanks so much for reading, just a short and sweet blog post today. Keep your eyes peeled this weekend as I will have a blog post sharing all the details on my afternoon tea. 

Chat soon,


Video:Mother's day DIY gifts using chalk paint and jars.

A DIY gift for mothers day

Today over on the Rust-oleum Instagram account I shared these DIY projects but If you missed my Instagram story takeover then don't worry as I have taken some pictures of what I made and I have included all of the links to the items I used. As it is Mother's day next weekend I thought it would be nice to upcycle some items that would make a gorgeous gift. 

Flower display using some old jars 


@iclothing Snapchat takeover, Spring occasion outfits.

Spring occasion outfits from iclothing

Today I shared some occasion outfits over on iclothing's Snapchat. This time of year is jam-packed with occasions from Communions, weddings and not forgetting mothers day next week. I got to pick three looks off the iclothing website to share with you today. 
I also have a discount code for you if you want to update your wardrobe. Use the code DAINTY for 15% off from Thursday the 16th of march until midnight Sunday the 19th of March. 


My journey towards body acceptance

Once I start to accept my body then the confidence will follow

Last week on Instagram I posted a pic of me in my jeans. No big deal I hear you say, but I am not a jean wearer. I haven't owned or worn a pair in easily three years as I always felt too self-conscious of my body to wear them. I was blown away by all of the kind comments. There was so many I couldn't reply to them all. I wanted to write this post to inspire women who are feeling the same way that they are not alone and that I feel insecure at times about my body too. Whether your slim, small, tall, curvalicious, we all need to be kinder to ourselves. 


Small business spotlight, LoveOlli

LoveOlli haul

This week I got some happy mail from the guys over at LoveOllie. What caught my eye about this brand was the stunning vintage style patterns and old world look of the products. A lot of the items are handmade too and they are also an Irish company. LoveOllie is created by designer Olive McCaughan. I got to pick my fave pieces off their website and I am going to share them today with you. 


Video: Afternoon tea with |Ad

Have a classy hen party

During the week I had an amazing time with the girls from on one of their hen party activities. I got to go on the old school vintage bus and got treated to tea and cake served to me on gorgeous vintage china. 


Full skirts and cold shoulders.

Vintage style #ootd for Spring

Today I went on a little adventure which I will share with you on the blog this Sunday, but today I just wanted to share my outfit with you and the links to each item. 
I am a lover of the full skirt so I am thrilled to see that they seem to be a key piece this Spring Summer. I just love the shape of them and feel like a proper lady in a full skirt. I am a curvy shape so I love the high waisted style to nip in at the waist and give me an hour glass shape. 


February roundup

Nobody can start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending - Maria Robinson. 

Reflecting on the month using my happiness planner I wanted to do a round-up of the things I achieved in Feb. I can honestly say since starting my planner back in January, I have really felt enlightened and content in February. I ticked off things on my lists, I had adventures and pushed myself out of my comfort zone. 


How to make your house look bigger and brighter

Let the light in 

I want to share some tips and tricks I have used to make my house look much lighter, airy and bigger. 
The biggest struggle for me was making my small bungalow look bigger. 
My home looks big in pictures but it's actually smaller in real life.  I have used lots of tricks to make it look much bigger and brighter. 


My house is a dormer style bungalow, I have a side entrance so my hall and entrance lacks natural light. I make sure not to block any windows or clutter areas where there is natural light with clutter etc so the light can pour in. 

In my living room I have a lovely large bay window, however, I only get the sunshine in this room in the morning and then the sun moves to the back of the house. 
I make sure not to block this window and I just have cream wooden style blinds on the windows, I don't have curtains either in this room.
Lay your room out with light in mind, putting a sofa in front of a window might give you floor space but it might block loads of natural light from your room.  


How to paint your fridge.

How I painted my fridge from Black to pink. 

I finally killed the ugly corner of my kitchen. Yes! the black fridge is no more and it now fits in with the theme of my house and my kitchen decor. I am thrilled with how it turned out and I am going to share with you lots of pictures and how I actually done it. 
I love the style of the vintage fridges that are around but they are so expensive and I seen one for over €2k which is insane for me to spend on a fridge so I decided to give my existing one a retro feel to match my kitchen.


Dublin tech summit 2017

What I learnt

On Wednesday I attended the Dublin tech summit in the Convention centre in Dublin. I want to share the things that I learnt whilst at it as I know a lot of people weren't able to get their hands on tickets. If you are a blogger or run a business and want to get some tips on improving your social media and sales then this is the post for you. 
We mainly attended the business and marketing talks as well as the fashion talks as these were more relevant to what I do. It was also a full house for Gary Vee's talk which was really motivating and inspiring. I got to meet up with my blogging besties and had a really fun day learning and catching up with people who inspire me. 


Video: My Paris adventure.

Where we stayed and where we explored. 

I had the pleasure of visiting Paris this week for the very first time. It has been a place I wanted to explore for the longest time but never got around to it. If you follow me for awhile you will know my goal for this year was to buy less things and collect more memories. This was our first proper trip away together since I bought my house three years ago so it was a real treat to get to go away together and what perfect place to visit than Paris. 


Spring bedroom refresh with Marks & Spencer |AD

Bringing a touch of spring to my bedroom

I love this time of year and I love giving the house a freshen up. As you know I am always changing up my decor but a simple and easy way to give your room a new look without getting the wallpaper striper out is to simply change your bedding. Today I have teamed up with Marks & Spencer to share my new Spring sheets and decor. 


Vintage florals with Laura Ashley.

Spring wardrobe refresh. 

Its finally February and its officially Spring, I have a special love for February as it is my birthday month, the days get a little longer each day and their is shoots coming up in the garden. I am not a lover of Winter at all, I am definitely a Spring baby at heart. Today I have a gorgeous floral outfit from Laura Ashley that will breath new life into your wardrobe.


Turning 29, the things I would love to tell my younger self.

My age is just a number but happiness is priceless. So don't count how long you have to live instead count on all the happiness you can have in this life. -unknown.


Video: How to make a hanging fabric love heart.

Valentines DIY

Today I have a video for you, I love making these hanging hearts and I thought it would be a fun video for a Valentines DIY. Now they aren't just for valentines, you can make these hearts in loads of different fabrics from florals to stripes and they add a touch of romance to your house.  
I know a lot of you ladies who love the shabby chic decor style go mad for the hanging hearts so why  not have a go at sewing them yourself. In the video I use my sewing machine but don't worry you can hand sew your hearts too. Don't get disheartened also if your hearts aren't perfect as it has taken me ages to perfect sewing them on the machine. My first few attempts were dreadful lol!. 

I would love if you gave my video and thumbs up and a subscribe to my Youtube channel. Thank you so much for you kindness and support on my channel. 

Tag me in your heart pics on Instagram and comment below with any questions. 
Thanks for stopping by,
Chat soon,


@iclothing snapchat takeover.

Snapchat take over outfits 

So today I had the pleasure of taking over iclothing's Snapchat account and shared three looks. As promised here are the links and the details to each of the dresses and items. I hope you enjoyed todays takeover and you can follow my Snapchat account (username daintydiaries) if you want to see more of what I get up to on a daily basis. 
I got to pick my fave items on the website and its great to see tons of spring summer stock online as I can safely say I am done with Winter and want to add a few pieces to my Spring wardrobe. 

The dresses.


Video:How I up cycled my vintage phone to shabby chic pink.

Retro phone makeover using Rust-oleum

You may have noticed I am on a bit of a spray painting buzz at the moment. Rummaging through the shed for things to up cycle I stumbled across this old telephone. I remember buying a second hand vintage Royal Albert telephone and the chap I bought it off gave me this phone as well as he was throwing it out. It was really grubby but I seen the potential and wanted to give it a second chance. It has been sitting in my shed for ages. These retro style phones are big money if you go and buy them in the shops. 
So armed with my can of candy pink spray paint I salvaged this beauty and gave it a new lease of life. 

You can also find my other post where I spray painted some household items copper here. 
I hope you enjoy the Youtube video too and find it useful and if you have a moment I would love a cheeky subscribe to my youtube channel. 


My top tips and advice for anyone starting a blog.

How to grow your blog. 

Lately I have been getting questions about blogging and the most popular questions are. 
How to build a following? 
Where to start?

Now I wouldn't class myself as a major blogger or even in the same league as the big ones but I have a decent amount of readers and I have learnt a lot in the past three years of blogging. Over the past few months I have been getting questions from people who want to start blogging but don't know where to begin and just want some advice on it all. 

My first question I ask people to ask themselves when thinking of starting a blog is why?Do you wanna go to glam events and get blogger mail? do you wanna make a ton of money and be famous?
If these are your main reasons then these are not reasons to start a blog. Yes there can be perks but you have to put in the work and be genuinely passionate about what you are writing about.
I have seen a few blogs come and go over the years and the main reason was they were in it for the wrong reason. Genuine passion shines through and blogging is harder than it looks. You need to be passionate about what your are writing about and genuinely interested in building a community. Are you willing to stay up late drafting posts?, shooting photos and filming videos on your day off? Some don't realise how hard it is and just give up because they expected over night success. 
You have to Hustle! Some people do get lucky but the majority of us have to work our asses off for it.

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