Where I buy my china cups from?

Tea cup addict!

Lately I have been getting a lot of questions about my ever growing china collection and I wanted to share a few places where I buy them from as I try and save money. 
A lot of you want to start collecting china but you want to save money and get them a bit cheaper. 
Unfortunately china can be expensive and some brands like Royal Albert can be dear. 


I collect Royal Albert new country rose collection.
I always try and buy them when they are on offer and Arnotts and House of Fraser regularly have 20% off home events and I try and buy them when they are on offer.
Make sure to sign up to their mailing lists so you will get notified of any discounts.
The Royal Albert website rarely has offers and the shipping is dearer to Ireland so you don't save as much. 

Also if you are ever in London their is a Harrods in Gatwick airport and this is where I pick up some bits to add to the collection as they also have discount on them. 
The sterling is really good at the moment so if you are traveling to the UK its worth picking them up their. 

Second hand sites

I am a massive fan of adverts.ie and donedeal.ie to get some bargains on second hand china. You can set up a search alert so when a china set or a particular brand is listed you will get a notification. 
Be quick! They get snapped up especially the Royal Albert, I have gotten my hands on a fab teapot trio that was an unwanted wedding present.

Set a search alert for key words on these sites apps, I have a search alert for 'royal albert' and 'tea set' so when these are listed I get a notification. 

Markets and antique shops

I remember going to Portobello market in London and thinking I was going to get a full tea set for £50 and nearly died when I asked how much? and the lady replied £650!!! 
That's when I realised that old meant valuable! Now, you can get lucky at markets but I would stick more to car boot sales where people sell on stuff from house clearances, this is where you will get bargains. 

Antique shops again can be dear, especially as collecting china is quite popular at the moment but they are always worth a look!
Also don't forget the charity shops! These can be a treasure trove for trinkets and china.

Vintage and Antique china sets have a history and a story to tell and they deserve to be valuable, you can gets lots of info from the stamp on a tea cup, some might have a year on it but they will have a logo and a location of where they where made.

Some brands get really valuable if the brand is now gone, always check before throwing out any sets if doing a house clearance as you might be throwing out a valuable set. 

Friends and Family

This is where you get the freebies! once the word is out that you collect china, you will be so surprised by people who will keep you in mind when they are clearing out their house or a relatives house.
 I have been gifted loads of china from people who where clearing out a relatives house and they found china and they were just going to throw out and passed then onto me. 

Don't snub the mis matched sets! I love odd china, this can look funky at a tea party or for weddings. Keep a box of odd china and keep adding to it and you can have fun matching it all up. 

Vintage china can be expensive. I hope these tips help you grow you collection. 
I get a lot of questions about people wanting them much cheaper but unfortunately they are stunning and in demand but I honestly have so much fun adding to a collection.
Whether its a birthday or Christmas I love adding a cup or a teapot to the collection.

I hope you have fun collecting, I love seeing peoples sets so always tag me in your cute china pics.

Thanks for reading.

Chat soon,


  1. We're looking forward to adding to our Churchill Blue Willow collection that we salvaged from a house that was burned to the ground.

    1. omg what a find! I love finding a china print that I love and that I can start collecting.

    2. Gorgeous as always! wish you would come and do my house for me! Great taste!


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