2016 what did I learn? the life lessons I learned this year.

Ringing in the new year. 

I wasn't sure if I was going to do a reflective post on the year as I didn't want it to come across like a "look what I achieved aren't I great" braggy type of post. This time of year is great for reflecting and setting new goals for the next year. There is something so optimistic about starting a new year afresh and turning a new page. 

This year I had lots of highs, I also had plenty of lows too but a lot of these I keep behind the scenes. I feel I have done a lot of growing as a person the past year. As I get older I question things more, should I be married with kids? should I leave my job while I am still young? I over analyse things. 
Here are some of the things I learned about myself this year.


Video: Floating tea cup tutorial *updated.

How to make a floating tea cup. 

The most popular post on my blog has to be the floating tea cup tutorial so I decided to make a Youtube video to show how I make mine. 
You can click here for the original blog post with the step by step instructions on how to make them or you can have a watch of the youtube video below. 

I would love to see the ones you make so don't forget to send me your pictures or tag me over on Instagram or feel free to mail me using the contact button. 

I hope you enjoy the video and don't forget to subscribe. 
Thank you for all of your support on the Youtube channel I really appreciate it. 

Chat soon,


Weekend outfits with @iclothing

Lets get festive!

Hiya, well it is almost the New year. Is it just me or was that a really quick Christmas?

Today I have two looks both from iclothing, I picked two looks that I think would be perfect for the weekend, so wether you are going out? or going out out? I have two looks that I think you will love.

 Heading out?

I picked this classic dress as my night time look, I think it is so classy and would also be a fab option to wear on New years eve. I love a houndstooth pattern, it is timeless and something you can wear again and again. 
The cut of this dress is stunning. Definitely a head turner if your heading out and want to impress. 

I never know who I am going to bump into over Christmas so I always try and look glam. 
Oh! and did I mention that this dress has pockets! we all know how much I love a dress with pockets. 


How to set good goals and achieve them.

Setting goals. 

I am relatively new to setting goals, you might remember last year I was using the 100 day happiness planner and it definitely gave me some enlightenment and I achieved some things that I had been putting off for ages. With a new year around the corner I am setting my goals and thinking of the things I want to achieve next year. 

I don't like new years resolutions, I don't think you should have to wait until January to start bettering your self. However in saying that, there is a sense of optimism that a new year brings. Closing the door on the past year and being optimistic for the future. 

I am going to share with you my top tips that I have learned for setting goals. 


This is the hard part, you need to reflect on the things that you want from life. The things that bring you joy and also the things that annoy. Write them all down. Spend some time thinking about all of the things you wanted to achieve but have been putting off and the things that you want to remove from your life that bring you unhappiness. 
It is really nice to sit down and take stock of your life. This gives me a sense of control, like I am control of my life and I am not just plodding my way through it. 

" If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someones else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? not much!" - Jim Rohn. 

I seen this phrase whilst scrolling through my regular Pinterest binge and it really made me stop and think. Nothing is going to happen in my life unless I take the actions and make it happen. 
A penny dropped. 

Don't be afraid to dream. 

I find the question "where do you see yourself in 5 years?" such an awkward one to answer. It was a question I left blank in my last journal. Why? because I was afraid, afraid to write down my dreams for fear someone might see them and laugh. 
I now realise how ridiculous this sounds but maybe you feel the same. It is terrifying to think about the future. All the what if's creep in. What if I don't achieve it? who cares? their your dreams and goals and at least you tried to achieve them instead of staying the same and unhappy. 

Get out of that comfort zone. 

The magic happens when you do things out of the comfort zone. Now, it is terrifying but why not take small steps.  For me an example of this was starting a Youtube channel for my blog. This terrified me as it was a new platform, the video is up their forever etc etc, but I knew if I wanted to grow my blog and make it more of a success I would have to get out of my comfort zone. 
Another example for this could be travel? you might really want to see a certain part of the world but you are too afraid. Why not push yourself and book that flight. 
The more you practise this the more it will get easier I promise. 
The benefits outweigh the initial anxiety. 

Be realistic. 

This is something I have really learned this year. Even though it is great to dream and set goals we also need to look at them and see if they are realistically achieved. 
Break down the goal, so for example.
 "I want to be the next So Sue Me and be a blogging empire in the next year" 
Is this realistic?
Nope! That woman worked her ass off to build up her empire and it took a lot longer than a year!
So Instead, I can make a more realistic goal and say.
"I will grow my following by 10k next year and write x amount of quality blog posts and get better at photography."
That is a more realistic goal for me to achieve in the next year. 

The same could be said for someone with a goal for weight loss. 
" I want to lose 40 lbs in the next year"
Yes this goal can be achieved but it is a big one and life likes to throw in some curveballs so why not break it down. 
"I would like to lose 20 lbs next year and drop two dress sizes." 
That way you are not going to be disheartened when you only lose 20lbs and not the 40lbs, Heck you done amazing and you lost 20 lbs. 

Take action. 

Its amazing setting goals, but thats all they are going to be unless you write down how you are going to achieve them and take the actions to achieve them. 

So my goal is to grow my blog readership and following. 

How am I going to do that then?
So here are example of the actions. 

  • Write five quality blog posts each month with quality imagery. 
  • Allocate time for interacting and engaging with readers. 
  • Minimum two youtube videos per month.
  • keep learning and developing photography skills. 
  • Try new blog topics. 
  • Engage with other bloggers and collaborate with content. 
The list of actions can be endless but write it all down and pic the ones that you can realistically do each month to get you closer to your over all goal. 

Another one of my goals is to be happy. 
Now this is a pretty vague goal and I am not going to magically wake up truly happy unless I set myself some actions to achieve my goal. 
For this you can write down what makes you happy and then list the tasks you can do each month to bring you joy. 

Check in on your goals each month and don't beat yourself up. 

Reflect and check in with your goals. That weight loss goal slipped off the wagon? don't beat yourself up over it. Sit down and break the task down and ask yourself "what one task can I do in the next month to get closer to my goal ".

I am working on letting go and not being a perfectionist. So I have been practising changing my thinking. So instead of beating myself up over only writing two blog posts, instead I say " well its two more than none and you done well to write them considering how busy you were". 
Its not about making excuses either, It is very easy to come up with excuses for not doing things but don't be so hard on yourself and stop and reflect on what you have achieved so far. 

What are you waiting for?

For years I contemplated writing a blog. Like I was waiting on some magical fairy to come and tell me I could. I honestly don't know why I waited so long to start one. It was the same this year for me when I really wanted to start Youtube. I was making excuses, " I need quality lighting and set up etc etc, excuse after excuse and then I stopped and said "why"? Just do it and who cares about the quality for now, you can learn and develop it and at least you started.
Look at me know, I am 5 videos in and I am delighted I started it, whereas I could still be sitting here making excuses and waiting on that fairy to come and tell me to do it. 

Over Christmas while I have some down time I am going to reflect and write down my new goals that I want to achieve for the next year. My overall main goal in life is to be truly happy. I am going to reflect on the main areas in my life such as work, home life, hobbies and my blog. 
I am going to really dissect each section of my life and see what makes me happy and what doesn't and from that make the actions I need to achieve my over all goal. 

"Happiness is not something ready made. it comes from your own actions" - Dalai Lama

To write down my goals and reflect on them I use the Happiness planner that I was kinda gifted from farfetchedaccessories.ie and I will be using the 52 week dated one for 2017.
To get 10% off your paler is the code Dainty10 at the checkout. *discount valid until 11th of December. 

I hope you found this post useful and I hope you find it easier to set yourself some goals that will really make a difference to your well being and happiness. 

What is something you want to achieve in 2017. 
Lets have the chats below. 

Thanks for reading. 

** This is NOT a sponsored post. 

Surviving Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year. 

It is also one of the most stressful times too. The pressure to have the "perfect" Christmas can take it's toll on us. Christmas can be an amazing time of year but it can also bring its own stresses and strains. 
Financially it can be a huge stress too and puts a lot of pressure on families. You might even have a family member poorly this year. 
The pressure to have the perfect instagrammable Christmas can leave you feeling burnt out come Christmas day. 
I have some tips for getting through it all to share with you today. 

I have had my fair share of shitty Christmases, I remember the year my dad died our heating broke and we had that snow! yep remember that snow! Now that was a crapy one. 
I love the time of year, I love the decorations and exploring places when its festive but I actually am not a massive fan of the day itself. 
I work long hours over Christmas which leave me feeling burnt out and come Christmas day I just want to hide under a blanket with a box of Tayto and a 6 pack of Guinness.


Video: Christmas market and a ramble.

Farmleigh market.

Today is my last day off until Christmas, with a busy week ahead of me in retail I had to get out into the fresh air and have a ramble and recharge my batteries. 
Today was my favourite type of day, it was one of them bright sunny days but it was cold so I could wrap up warm. 
I decided to head to the local market that is held in Farmleigh in the Phoenix park. I thought everyone would be in the shops buying the last of their presents but unfortunately they had the same idea as me and it was so packed. It was great though as it gave me that festive feeling I needed to feel. 

I captured it all in a mini vlog for you to watch over on my youtube. I am looking forward to making more videos in the new year and I just want to say thank you so much for all of the lovely comments on the videos. 

Tartan talk with Locharron of Scotland.

Creating something different with Tartan. 

I had the pleasure of working with a metre of the gorgeous light weight tartan fabric from Locharron of Scotland. I normally sew with good aul poly cotton but this was an absolute treat to work with a fabric of such quality. 
With my metre of fabric I made my favourite items to sew, I made a smaller teddy and a 16" cushion. I still even had some fabric left over from my metre. 


Hand crafters and vintage sellers of Instagram

Shop small.

Instagram is not just a place for pretty pictures, there are some serious girl bosses over there and it is where I found these ladies I am talking about in this post. 
I love Instagram as you never know who you will stumble across whilst scrolling through your favourite hashtag. There is a massive community of small businesses and crafters on there for you to explore. 
These hustlers have jobs and families but also slay at the selling after hours on Instagram. Wether they are decoupaging, stamping, melting waxes or sourcing vintage homeware these girls are killing it online and have beautiful creations to offer. 
I know from my own side job that when you buy from a small business it makes a massive impact to that person. It funds the dream and keeps us going, nothing beats getting sales and the buzz of happy customers. Most sellers I know don't make millions from their work but they do it for the love, for their creative outlet.  

I have seven ladies to share with you today and I will make sure to link on each of them their Instagram handle for you to go and check out. 

The vintage stamp. 


Video: How I decorate my home for Christmas

Christmas decor in Dainty's

Hi everyone, Its Christmaaaaaas! 
I made a fun youtube video for you guys to have a look and a nose around my house and a look at my style of decorating for Christmas. 


The perfect Christmas day outfit

Christmas checks with Laura Ashley 

Stuck for what to wear Christmas day? Want something glam but you want to be comfy too? I picked a gorgeous outfit from Laura Ashley that I think is perfect to wear over Christmas. 
For me I want to be comfy on Christmas day, because I work long hours over Christmas I am craving comfort but  I don't want to be in  pyjamas all day either. 
I can't believe how close its getting to Christmas! honestly where does the year go. 


Christmas homeware gifts under €50 with Marks & Spencer #AD

Homeware gifts under €50

Heya! hands up who is getting excited for Christmas, today I have lots of fab homeware from Marks & Spencer. I got to pick some of my favourite items that I think would make the perfect Christmas gift and best of all they are all under €50 so wether its a gift for a teacher, your boss or your bestie then I think I have something here for you. 

Have a peep below at my Youtube video and scroll below for tons of pics and all the details on the prices and links to the items too.


Video: Christmas craft fair weekend, a behind the scenes.

Christmas craft fair 2016

Hi everyone, so this weekend was a mad one with my first ever Christmas fair, I had so much fun and have to say a massive thank you to everyone who came. Have a peep below at my Vlog of the weekend that I have over on Youtube.

Chat soon,


Christmas party dresses with @mykindofdress

It's party season!

It is the season to be extra sparkly and extra glam, wether its a Christmas party, a festive wedding or a formal dinner I have three looks that I think you will love. 
I have teamed up with mykindofdress.com an Irish website stocking sophisticated, elegant and classic dresses to share some of my fave pieces for party season. 


Video: My diy country cottage kitchen make over

DIY cottage kitchen face lift.


Autumn tea dress and a little catch up.

A quick catch up.

What a crazy few weeks it has been, I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone for all the support lately, wether its a nice comment on my youtube, an order for a bear or a nice comment on my Instagram, I just want to say thank you and that each and every comment keeps me going, especially when I am knackered and just want to curl up with blondie and binge on tayto sambos. 

The next week is the final countdown to the craft fair and I also have some blog collabs to that I have to shoot for too so if I don't reply to your mail or comment, just know I have seen it and I will be in touch when as the madness calms down. 

In the day job we are coming into our busy time of year so it can be hard staying on top of blog posts, Insta posts, youtube videos and work too. I need an extra few hours added into the day with all of the things I want to do. 

I haven't shared a cute dress in ages so here is a adorable Billie & Blossom dress from Dorothy Perkins, I am wearing a size 10 and it is also a petite fit. 
My jacket is from Asos petite and it is on sale too!
My bobble hat is also from Dorothy Perkins.

Thanks again for all of the love and for those coming to the fair on the 26th & 27th I will see you then and cannot wait to meet you!.

Chat soon, 


Video: Laura Ashley ss 17 new collection.

Laura Ashley spring summer 2017 press day.

Today I flew over to London for the Laura Ashley press day, this is one of my favourite press days to go to as the displays are amazing and give me so much inspiration. 
I also got to see lots of my Instagram buddies too which is amazing and the girls in Laura Ashley are always so lovely its like a little family.


100 days of happiness with my happiness planner.

100 days complete!

Some you will remember I started using the 100 days happiness planner earlier in the year and I have just finished it and was reflecting on the last 100 days. 

If you want to read my first post on the happiness planner just click here.


The Peggy Porschen Parlour

This is a post for my cake lovers.
I couldn't go all the way to London and not go visit the Peggy Porschen cake shop. Probably one of the most Instagramed cake shops I  had to go and visit. 

I am a lover off all things sweet and sugary and I was able to squeeze in a quick cupcake on my London adventure. 
The cake shop is really close to Victoria station, so if you are in London you can get the tube to Victoria and it is roughly a 10 min walk. I got the Gatwick express train and that leaves you in Victoria train station so a quick google maps and a 10 min walk and I was there. 
Its in a gorgeous part of London called Belgravia, I love it around here as it is much calmer compared to the hustle and bustle of Oxford street and Regent street. 


Where I buy my china cups from?

Tea cup addict!

Lately I have been getting a lot of questions about my ever growing china collection and I wanted to share a few places where I buy them from as I try and save money. 
A lot of you want to start collecting china but you want to save money and get them a bit cheaper. 
Unfortunately china can be expensive and some brands like Royal Albert can be dear. 


My tips for saving for your first home

Getting on that ladder!

As it is November I am three years in my house, I know from chatting to some of you on Instagram/snapchat that some of you are dreaming of buying your first/second home and I want to share my top tips for saving up for your deposit for your dream home. 

Let me start off by saying
"Don't let anybody tell you that you can't,
 That you are too young, 
Don't earn enough and won't be able to buy on your own
 because if I can do it so can you",


My favourite photo editing apps for Instagram and blogging on the go.

Editing your camera phone pics.

Hi everyone!, 
So today I have a fun post and one that I think a lot of you might find useful especially if you love a good snap and are an Instagram addict like myself. 


Skerries Mills

A tour around Skerries mills

Looking for somewhere fun to visit on the weekends or your day off? I love a good ramble on my day off and love visiting places that give me inspiration.
I was recently watching the news when I seen Skerries had won a tidy town award. I remember visiting Skerries every summer as a kid and I loved the town. I had never visited the mills so we decided to take a drive out to have a peep.
I am a little obsessed with cute cottages and gardens and the mills didn't disappoint.
We done the tour of the mills, it was 6.25 each but you can get a family ticket for 12.50, you can find more info here.

The tour took about an hour and our guide was a fountain of knowledge, I love doing tours and I find them really interesting but there is a fab tea shop too so even if you just want to visit for a cup of tea, on a nice day you can sit outside and take in the view.
On a Saturday there is a market! I work Saturdays so I couldn't visit the market but they also have cute shops in the courtyard.

We then went down the beach and I got the most delicious ice cream from A storm in a tea cup, you might remember this was a little sweet shop as a kid in Skerries. It is the cutest little ice cream shop now and definitely worth a visit.
Have a peep below for loads of pics, the sun was stunning that Sunday and you wouldn't think it was October.

I love rambling on my day off and I am always looking for places to visit and tour, let me know your fave places to visit so I can check them out.
Leave your links and recommendations in the comments below.

Chat soon,


In the press

Dainty in the press

The last week I got some fab mentions in print media and wanted to share them with you if you missed them, the excitement of going into the shop and coming out with a magazine and seeing your pictures in it! I just want to scream and say "that's me!" 
A huge thank you to Stellar magazine, the Daily mail and Reloved magazine for featuring me.

I will add any more features to this post for you to read.

Chat soon,


Octobers orders

Here is a peep at some of the orders from October, lots of them I couldn't share as they are Christmas presents but it was a busy month. 
Some bears went off to a wedding, lots of bears for new babies and as always the memory bears that went off to their new homes to comfort loved ones. 

I am now also taking orders for January so drop me an email and don't forget to check out my other page for more info on the bears.

Let me know your fave?

Thanks for stopping by, 


Christmas craft fair, a date for your diary

Christmas fair.

Eeeek, the nerves are gone! But I am almost set for the Christmas fair that I am doing on the 26th and 27th of November in draiocht in Blanchardstown.

I am going to share all of the links to their page so you can check it out, I will have a table at this fair and if you follow me on snapchat you will have seen some of the teddies and hanging hearts I have been making. 

I hope to see you all their, even if you don't pick up one of my items there is tons of really talented crafters also going to the their, I love saying hello and chatting to everyone so please do stop by if you are in Blanchardstown doing your Christmas shopping. 

See you soon,


My trip to London

London adventure

This week I took a whole two days off!! No teddy bear making, no work and I headed off to London, I was heading to London to the Amara Interior blog awards where I was a finalist in the DIY and craft  category. 


Knitting and Stitching event.

A fun evening of Stitching!

On Tuesday I went to a fab evening event which was hosted by Great British sewing bee contestant Angeline Murphy, To launch the return of the knitting and stitching show that will be held in the RDS this October. 

You might remember me going their last year and raiding the fabric stands, they also hold classes and last year I done an embroidery workshop at the show. 

The show is on from 20th to the 23rd of October, I love going on the Thursday but this year I will unfortunately be in London so I am going to try go on the Sunday (please leave some fabric for me! don't buy it all)


September's orders

Sentimental September

Hiya, September was a really busy month with lots of you getting in early with your orders for Christmas. I just want to share some pictures of some of the teddies, frames and crafty makes from this month. 

I am now booked until December for Christmas orders but don't panic as if I get through orders early I will take more on. 
Click the contact button if you want to place an order or enquire about an order. 

Have a peep below and let me know which crafty make is your favourite?

Thanks again for keeping me busy!
I really appreciate all of your orders. 

Chat soon,


Petite Autumn jackets with Dorothy Perkins

Petite jackets for Autumn

I am so excited it is finally Autumn, I am even more excited that I have got my hands on a some coats that will fit me!
My fellow petite ladies will know the struggle is real when trying to find a jacket that fits our smaller frames, You know the struggle! Arms can be too long, shoulders too big and we look like we are wearing our mammy's coat. 

Today I have three jackets from dorothyperkins.com and all are from the petite range but fear not my taller ladies some of the are also available in the normal range. 

Have a scroll below for a peep at the three jackets and hands up who is dying to wear their bobble hat? I have a cute one at the end of the post so scroll down for the link.


My cottage garden

I caught the green finger bug!

What a difference a year makes in the garden. It may be Autumn but there is still plenty of life and blossoms in the garden, I love seeing the seasons change and the changes that happen in the garden. 

This time last year I decided to clean up the garden, I am two and a half years in my house and with all the furniture painting and decorating I had neglected the garden.
So I focused on the front garden, I wanted it to look like a little cottage garden, full of trinkets, flowers and a home for bees and insects. 

You might remember last year I started it off by painting the ugly pebble dash wall white, despite everyone telling me not to paint pebble dash I couldn't look at a grey wall any longer so out came the large pots of Sandtex brilliant white and we got to painting. 
This made a huge difference as the white wall makes all the flowers pop out, its the perfect backdrop. 


Painting fabric?

My hand painted fabric chair.

Hi Guys I just wanted to pin this post back to the top of the blog as it was one of the most popular diy tutorials and I get asked lots about this pink chair when I post a pic on Instagram, people are shocked to find out that its actually painted and not upholstered pink, so have a little read at the post below. 

Yes nothing is safe now! I painted a fabric chair and love it!


Blondies diy up-cycle cat bed.

Hi everyone.
Today I have a fun upcycle project for you and also a review of the wee red boutique chalk paint mix. 
 I picked up this Ikea dolls bed after seeing them up cycled into pet beds on Pinterest.
For ages I have been wanting to give it a shabby face lift for Blondie and I decided to test the chalk paint mix on it. 
Read on below for all the details on what I used and how I mixed the paint and also a quick link to purchase the chalk mix.  


We made it to the shortlist.

 # IBA16

Well everyone we made it! A huge thank you as if it wasn't for all your votes I wouldn't be going over to London in October. 
My flights are booked ( however the race in on to get my passport renewed) and I am so excited for the event next month. 

I really mean it when I say thank you as I know how long it takes to go and vote for someone and fill in the forms and email addresses so a massive massive thank you. The five blogs in shortlist had to get the most votes to get in so I can't thank you enough. 
When I got the email about being nominated I didn't think I stood a chance against all the other amazing blogs, I was over the moon when the shortlist email popped up on the screen. 
I am really excited to have my blog judged by interior professionals and to get some feedback from them too as one day I would love to be able to work within the interior industry and grow my blog. 


Hand painted cottage chic upvc door.

I am pinning this popular post to the top as I had a lot of requests about my painted front door. 
One year on its is doing amazing and I haven't had any chips and it has survived the Irish winter and summer. 
Have a peep below and let me know what you think. 
The post was originally written back in August of last year.

Chat soon,

Hi everyone, 
So today I have a diy post for ya. This week I ( I say I, I mean we, as I am still on thumb rest after my operation so I was the gaffer giving the orders but not allowed paint), anyway We painted the upvc door from its original white color to this warm greeny/grey shade.


The apple slice recipe

Little slices of heaven.

Hiya everyone, 
You might have seen these little apple slices on snapchat the last week, Mr Dainty came home with a big bag of cooking apples from somebodies garden and turned them into these tasty apple slices. 
I finally got some pics of the apple slices before I ate them all and I have the recipe. 
They are sooooo easy to make and very little ingredients. 

Now to disclaim! I don't cook but I certainly love to eat, especially pastry's so this recipe belongs to himself. 


Memory hearts.

Sentimental sewing. 

Hi everyone, today I want to share these memory hearts that I made recently. 
For those of you who follow me you'll know I am kept busy in the teddy factory making memory bears. I was asked to make some hearts and I was so pleased with how they turned out that I will now start making these to order. 

I think they are a fab idea as I know not everyone wants a memory bear /cushion or sometimes they might not have enough fabric to make a bear from. 
I was thinking these would be really sweet to add to the Christmas tree as a little keepsake. 

Just click on the mail icon on above to email me and place an order. 
The frames are 25 euro (postage extra) and the hanging heart on its own is 10 euro and 12 euro if you want a personalisd message on it. 

Thanks for stopping by.


Floating tea cup tutorial.

Have I got a fun tutorial for the teacup lovers today!
So I got lost in Pinterest and stumbled across some 'floating/flying' teacups.
A lady in a shabby chic group I follow on Facebook had also made one and I had to try it.
This one below was my first attempt and I was surprised by how quick it was to actually make.
If like me your already thinking about Christmas presents then this would be a gorgeous gift for the teacup lover.
These would be perfect also for weddings and tea parties
How adorable would these be on tables?

** I have since made a youtube video if you'd like to check it out. 


Marks and spencer homeware haul.

Haul time! 

Can you believe it is almost the bank holiday weekend and it is pay weekend too, if your like me and paid monthly you will know the excitement of payday.
Today I have a really fun homeware haul post with one of my fave brands for home decor Marks and Spencer. As we are starting to come into Autumn I picked items that will freshen up my existing decor. 
Have a peep below for all the items and you might find something in the post that can be your payday treat?

Also there is 20% off Home and Furniture this weekend until August 3rd so perfect for that payday treat!
For more info and t&c's click here.


How to decoupage

DIY Decoupage

Some of you might have seen my dreadful attempt of a tutorial on Snapchat ( iv since fired my camera man lol) so I thought I would come on here and explain it a bit better. 

These type of tutorials I feel are better shown than read so i will do my best to explain. I want to get into sharing DIY tutorials on Youtube so hopefully early next year I will be able to share some videos with you, I am just saving up for a new laptop to edit the videos on. 

I had fallen out of the habit of doing decoupage, I was obsessed with it when I first moved into my home and loved how relaxing it was. The lovely Liz over at decoupage.ie had read I wanted to get back into it and sent me over some of her goodies to get me started. 

Liz also teaches workshops too so if you are inspired after reading this and want to do a day workshop you can find details by clicking here.


Thank you!

I am finalist! eeek.

I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for my blog. 
I remember last year not even making the shortlist and feeling pretty crappy about my blog. I used this as an opportunity to work a lot harder and up my blogging game. I got better at taking pics and looked at ways to make better content and I am so delighted it has paid off and I got to the finals. 

I am in the arts/crafts and interiors category and the guys in my category are so talented and I admire their blogs so I cannot wait to meet them on awards night. I am also delighted that this year they made this category, recognising the strong talented crafter's and makers in Ireland. 

Also I wanted to take this time to say don't be disheartened if you did not make the finals in your category, the blogging game is so strong in Ireland and there are tons of talented writers and bloggers. I seen how disappointed some people were and I really want to reassure you that your work is amazing and keep going! your doing amazing and your pumping out fab content! 

I am delighted to just be in the finals this year and I really do appreciate all the support and comments and the little crafting community we have built. 

So here is to awards night, I am currently dress hunting to find the perfect dress and if you are heading drop me an email and we can meet up. 

Thanks again!


August's craft orders

A month full of bears.

Hiya, I just wanted to share some of the memory and personalised orders that went out this month, I had a fab month with some really interesting items coming into the craft room. 
From old jackets to shirts and even some baby blankets it was a month of fun making these lot. 
Some I couldn't share with you just yet as they haven't gone to their new home yet so will share them in next months post. 
Lots of new babies this month too with letter frames and teddy keepsakes all going out to new homes. 

September is almost booked up so make sure to get in early if you want an item made for you for Christmas. 
You can drop me an email through my contact form on this page to have a chat about an order. 
At the moment their is a 2 week turnaround but I will give a date when placing order of when you will get your item back. 

A huge thank you for keeping me busy. 

Chat soon,


My fave fabric shops.

My go to places. 

Earlier this week a lovely lady asked me where I get most of my fabric from. I have a few go to fabric places where I stock up. I am a lover of floral fabric so I am always on the lookout for new stockists to buy from for making my little shabby chic bears. 
Fabric can be expensive, especially nice fabric. I get a lot of people asking where to get cheap fabric and they answer is you get what you pay for.  Unfortunately that fab floral shabby chic fabric is hard to come across cheap. 


Laura Ashley guest bedroom makeover.

Bedroom transformation.

Hi everyone. Today I am over on the Laura Ashley blog sharing my post on my guest bedroom transformation. I am so thrilled to be sharing a home makeover post on their blog as homeware is my first love.
You can read the full blog post by clicking here.


Autumn style with Dorothy Perkins

Part two.

I am back again today with two more looks from Dorothy Perkins, You might have seen last weeks post but in case you missed it you can click here to view it.
I teamed up with Dorothy Perkins to share some pieces that will get you through that icky transitional period of August to October when it is still mild but you want to pack away the bright summer dresses and get a few pieces to take you through to Winter. 

When me and Camille took these pictures last week we had so many shots we loved I decided to do two posts so I could share more of the pictures with you. I just love Autumn and once I see them leaves dropping all I want is my ankle boots and some darker colors.

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