Winter florals

So it's now September and officially Autumn.

I picked up these two pieces to ease me into winter dressing. 
As I am a lover of summer dresses I dread this time of year when you have to reach for the tights and boots. Most people love it but I generally don't. 

When I seen these floral pieces I was pleasantly surprised as even though they are darker in colour compared to summer colours they are really flattering and still fun with the pop of pink and floral. 

This dress is a petite dress from dorothy perkins. 
Don't worry tall ladies it is available in a midi length and is really flattering on tall ladies but for all the petite ladies this is perfect length and as a guide I'm only 5 foot and I think the length would be perfect for anyone up to 5 foot 3.

Here is the link to the dress.

I just love how bright the print is and it would brighten up any grey day. 

The next top is a similar print to this top and is also from the petite range for dorothy perkins. 
I bought it to team with my pink pleated skirt as I love my pink skirt but wanted to style it more for autumn. 

Here is the link for this top.

And good news my pink skirt has now gone into sale and you will find it here.

If you follow me over on Instagram you will have noticed my poor shed has fallen victim to my shabby chic addiction. 

I wanted to brighten up my garden coming into winter as it's so gloomy so anything to brighten up my day. 

For anyone wanting to try this I used ronseal woodland stain in colour cherry blossom. 

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Chat soon.


  1. What a lovely dress! I love your style!
    xx Tineke

    1. Thank you. I'm trying to stay bright with all the winter clothing in the shops.

  2. Replies
    1. Aw thanks. It's hard finding bright colours at the moment in shops but hey spring is only 6 months away lol

  3. Hello, I loved your post, I like your post and I like how you write ... you would like to follow each other, let me know !!


    1. Aw thank you hun. I just added you on bloglovin. Xx


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