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Hi everyone. 

Just a quick post. 
So last week I posted a picture of this fab blue closet dress on Instagram that I picked up and I just wanted to share the link for those of you that wanted to try it. 

Just because the longer evenings are creeping in and the dreaded winter is around the corner it doesn't mean we have to reach for the burgundy and knitwear just yet. 
A fab coloured dress will brighten up the greyest of days. 
Link is below pics. 

This dress is from my favourite boutique brand closet london. 
I love the closet dresses as they flatter my curves.
When I'm having a fat day I throw on one of these and people will always compliment on how well I look which always gives a confidence boost. 
I got a size 10 in this dress as found the 8 a little tight under the bust.

Like all of my closet dresses this one has pockets too which is just so handy especially for work and it's so hard to get dresses with pockets. 

Here is a picture of the back taken from the website. 
I love the bow detail on the back however I'm terrible at trying to tie the bow and mine looks more like a sailors knot. Lol. 

Here is the link to this dress

I am also in love with this one and it is the same shape as the one I got but it is in a fun heart print. 

Here is a link to this one of you fancy it.

I love hearing your feedback and seeing all your fab dresses you have gotten over on Instagram so please tag me (@daintydressdiaries) and show me all your dainty dress finds. 

Chat soon. 
Catherine. Xx

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