Christmas decor in dainty's

Hi everyone!

It's that time of year again, Christmas is really busy for me as I work in retail so my days are super busy but I wanted to share a few pics of my Christmas decor with you. 

This year is my first proper year in my new home so I treated myself to some new decorations. 

I generally have a red and gold theme and try and warm up the rooms to make them extra cosy. 
I also like to shop locally and got these cable knit socks from a local crafter. 


Dainty's dots

Hi everyone!

Finally a dress post. 
This time of year I find i go through a bit of a dress drought. I'm not a massive fan of winter and find there is a severe shortage of cute tea dresses! 

However I am having a bit of a dotty phase and found these two dresses that are perfect for winter but will get you through to spring also! 


Dainty's diner.... A progress update.

Hi everyone.

So this is what I have been getting up to this week. 
The kitchen really is the heart of the home and a room were I spend a lot of time (not cooking) lol. 
So mine is not as cosy as I would like so I am transforming it. 
The table set is my first start and then I am going to be painting my cabinets and fingers crossed I will have a shabby chic country kitchen, 


Dainty's decoupage

Hi everyone!

So a little post on this mirror I recently made. 
I posted this picture on Instagram and a few of you ladies asked how I made it so I decided to do a quick blog post. 


Daintys rescued chairs!

Hi everyone.

Today I am going to share with you how I saved these two chairs from becoming fire wood, or worse still they could of ended up in a Halloween bonfire. 


Shabby chic manor

Hi everyone. 

I just wanted to share what I have been up to lately as I have been a little quiet on my blog. 

I have been working hard to transform my home into a shabby chic manor and have some pictures to share with you. 

One of the big things that I have done recently is change all my Pine woodwork to cream. 

One of the easiest was to make a space look bigger is to paint it in a bright light shade. 

I used the autentico superior eggshell paint in neutral for skirts and surrounds and I painted two doors in a warm grey shade called dolphin. 

Here is some before pics. 

The autentico superior eggshell is very easy to work with. 

If you fancy tackling this job here is a quick summary of what you need to do. 

- clean surfaces with sugar soap. 
- lightly sand to get better adhesion.
- prime the knots in the pine wood. I primed the whole door. 
- two coats of the colour paint. 
- relax and have a glass of wine. 

This paint is an eggshell hard wearing paint so no need to varnish. 
It took my 4 full days to do 5 doors and surrounds. 

I recently discovered how to make my own chalk paint recently and done a little job on this chair that I rescued from becoming fire wood. 

It only cost me a few euro to make this chair. 
The fabric is a cushion I got in pennies for €5.
I staple gunned down and used the gingham trim to hide my staples. 

Here is the recipe for the chalk paint. 
I used plaster of Paris but there is other recipes. 

I got a kilo bag of plaster of Paris for €3.50 in local craft shop and mixed it some crown wall paint in antique cream. 

Thanks for reading! 

My next mission is to paint my kitchen in a light grey shade and transform that room to match the tests of the house. 
It's a big job but I think I can tackle it and il save loads of money compared to buying a new kitchen. 

Don't forget to follow over on Instagram for daily pics. @daintydressdiaries

Chat soon. 

French chic on the cheap

Hi everyone. 

Ever fancied living in a french palace but just can't afford it? 
Well I am going to share how I completely transformed a room including the furniture for less than €200 (even cheaper of you don't use expensive wallpaper).

I unfortunately was not the winner of the euro millions on Friday but I still managed to make an expensive looking room for next to nothing. 

So were did I start? 

I made a mood board! 
Yes if you haven't a clue were to start do a mood board. 
Flick through loads of magazines and pull everything you like and you'll end up with a vision which you can build upon. 
Mine is quite fussy but I loved too much in the magazines and went overboard. 

I am doing a guest bedroom that looks onto the garden so my colours are cream, green and then gold. 

Before pic.

Pine, Pine and more pine! 
So were I saved the bulk of the money was from hand painting my pine furniture cream.
If you were to go out and buy a brand new set of cream shabby chic furniture you could spend up to €1k in a furniture shop. 

This was painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint in the shade original. 
I then waxed it by hand but for a large piece like this I would reccomend a varnish. 
I reccomend ronseal clear Matt water based varnish. 
It must be water based so as not to yellow or discolour your piece. 

I done a piece a day. I get one day off during the week so I done a piece on my day off but if you had a week off you could completely transform your room quicker. 

When painting items light cream or white they need more coats than if you were doing a grey or darker shade. 
I done three good coats on each piece then lightly distressed the edges with the lightest grade sandpaper. 

Prep and finish.

To prep I clean each item with sugar soap. 
This can be bought in any of the hardware stores and is reasonably cheap. 
This removes any oils or residues from your piece.
Then you paint. 
To finish your piece you need to seal.
You have two options. Wax or varnish. 
On smaller pieces I like wax. It's hard work but I like the feel. 
On larger or hard wearing items I varnish.

I painted all 3 pieces with a one litre tin that cost €27. 
A tin of wax is around €12 or varnish is around €10 for a small tin. 

Now the bed I painted in autentico superior eggshell paint in shade neutral.

The reason I chose this for bed is because it's more hard wearing and no need to wax or varnish. 

One litre of this paint is €40 but I only used 1/3 of the tin on this bed. 

I gave this bed three coats and prepped it with cleaning it with sugar soap. 
This was hard work as you are on your knees painting and I had pins and needles and a numb bum painting this one. 

The wallpaper.

This is were I splurged. 
I'm almost embarrassed to say how much it cost but I justified it because I saved so much and worked so hard on painting the furniture. 

Okay here goes, one roll cost €69, holy god. 
It's from b&q and I have been wanting it since start of the year and couldn't find a better wallpaper. 

The accessories. 

Now I was thrifty also with the finishes and I also did a diy job on this ikea mirror. 

This mirror was I think €30 but it was black and just wasn't fabulous enough. 
I painted it in the autentico paint and have it 3 coats. 
With an old make up brush I dry brushed some gold paint to give it and antique look. 

A little trick! 

I am going to hang this on the wall (waiting on the man to come home and hang it) and have it facing the feature wall so it reflects in the mirror almost looking like its a picture. 

The chandelier. 
This was €28 from Harry correy and it is a lampshade. This room is a smaller room so a big fancy lightfitting would sit out of place. Also as its a shade it's simply to put up were a lightfitting you need someone with electrical know how to fit it for you. 
If you do fancy a chandelier you can get fabulous ones in second hand shops and on second hand sites. 

Frame your pictures. 
If you love an expensive wallpaper but can't afford it then another idea is to get a sample and use it in picture frames. 
These dunnes picture frames are €4 each.  

My total cost. 
Annie Sloan paint €27
Autentico eggshell paint €40
Wax and varnish €24 (loads left in pots)
Wallpaper one roll €69 
Light shade €28
Ikea mirror €30
Elbow grease €priceless.
Total €218.

Please let me know if this post has inspired you to do a little diy and tag me in all you pictures over on Instagram.

My next mission is to transform my upstairs master bedroom so il keep you posted. 

Thanks for reading. 


Pretty in pastel

Hi everyone. 

Just a quick post. 
So last week I posted a picture of this fab blue closet dress on Instagram that I picked up and I just wanted to share the link for those of you that wanted to try it. 

Just because the longer evenings are creeping in and the dreaded winter is around the corner it doesn't mean we have to reach for the burgundy and knitwear just yet. 
A fab coloured dress will brighten up the greyest of days. 
Link is below pics. 

This dress is from my favourite boutique brand closet london. 
I love the closet dresses as they flatter my curves.
When I'm having a fat day I throw on one of these and people will always compliment on how well I look which always gives a confidence boost. 
I got a size 10 in this dress as found the 8 a little tight under the bust.

Like all of my closet dresses this one has pockets too which is just so handy especially for work and it's so hard to get dresses with pockets. 

Here is a picture of the back taken from the website. 
I love the bow detail on the back however I'm terrible at trying to tie the bow and mine looks more like a sailors knot. Lol. 

Here is the link to this dress

I am also in love with this one and it is the same shape as the one I got but it is in a fun heart print. 

Here is a link to this one of you fancy it.

I love hearing your feedback and seeing all your fab dresses you have gotten over on Instagram so please tag me (@daintydressdiaries) and show me all your dainty dress finds. 

Chat soon. 
Catherine. Xx

Winter florals

So it's now September and officially Autumn.

I picked up these two pieces to ease me into winter dressing. 
As I am a lover of summer dresses I dread this time of year when you have to reach for the tights and boots. Most people love it but I generally don't. 

When I seen these floral pieces I was pleasantly surprised as even though they are darker in colour compared to summer colours they are really flattering and still fun with the pop of pink and floral. 


Sunday tea dress

Good morning.

So it's a sunny Sunday morning and iv got a cute autumn tea dress to share. 

As it's creeping into September I picked up this burgundy coloured floral tea dress from my old reliable Dorothy Perkins. 


My perfectly imperfect pigmentation

Hi everyone.

Today I am sharing a more personal post about my makeup routine and how I cover my large areas of discolouration and hyper pigmentation. 


Petite pleats

 Hi everyone,

So the rain is pelting down today and I am wearing this bright pink skirt to rebel against the gloomy weather.
Good news for the short ladies this is a petite length skirt so no need to alter. 

Here's a few pics how I wore my skirt and the link to it is below. 


Autumn florals

Hi everyone!

I posted a pic of this dress in the airport on my Instagram and had loads of people asking were it was from so here is a quick blog post and a few pics of it on for ya! 

The good news is it's still In stock with all sizes available. 


Vintage neon

Hey everyone,

So I woke to the knock knock of the postman this morning! 
Oh the excitement of the arrival of an Asos parcel. 

I picked up this fab neon collar dress in the asos sale and it kind of has a vintage feel to it as it has the nipped waist and full skirt with a cute collar. 
I had it in my saved items and the giddy feeling you get when one of them is reduced! 

I am gonna share a few pics of this find. 
As a rule I normally buy pieces in sales that can be transitional and get you through autumn/winter but this one is more of a summer dress but I will still wear it at night time as I think it would look fab for evening dinner and drinks. 


Festival chic with closet

Hi guys! 

So last night I went to the kings of Leon gig in Marlay park Dublin and want to share my festival outfit! 

As always the Irish weather was unpredictable and decided to lash rain! Sure it wouldn't be Ireland without a little rain so I had to adapt my outfit to be a bit more weather friendly. 

I got this fab bright dress from closet clothing.

This dress is only £52 and all of my closet dresses have lasted over time. The fabric is heavier and better quality so even though they might be a few euro dearer than some high street dresses I really think they are worth it. 

I love a wearing a dress instead of shorts and tees to gigs as there more my style and girly. 

I just love the bright colour and it really stood out from the crowd.

I'm not a fan of the denim shorts as I just can't pull them off as there not flattering on me and I think a nice fitted dress is more chic. 

I love the back detail of this dress and the shape is really flattering. 
Excuse the hair the aul rain had gotten at it. 

I have a few closet dresses and they really suit my shape and nip in at the waist then flow over and hide your lumps and bumps. 

My bag is from new look and was €20.

My little bracelets are also from new look and were €7.

I had planned on wearing little converse but had to fly to old reliable pennies (primark) and these these chic Chelsea boot wellies and they were only €9.

I got my flower crown at a folkster kilo sale at the start if the year. 

And then the rain.........

Our PAC man ponchos are from eBay! And only a few euro! Cover you head to tow and are a bit of fun! 

Alot of people have been asking were I got my mask and these can also be gotten on eBay and are great for a fun photo. 

Il be leaving for my holidyas on Sunday so will post more outfits as got loads of new dainty dresses for the sunshine! 

Follow on Instagram for more pics @daintydressdiaires

Chat soon. 

Part 2 champagne taste on a beer budget!

Hi everyone!

So I finally had a day off to paint this TV stand that I picked up at a steal for €20! It was sitting in my kitchen staring at me as iv been kept busy with work but I made the time to get this piece finished.

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